Wendy Williams is eager to get back into her purple so she can start dishing the dirt on Hollywood’s biggest stars, and she’s hoping to bag $100 million in the process! The host was left out to dry after her show was unceremoniously snatched away by Sherri Shepherd, and while she likely won’t get her timeslot back—she seems eager to take the show in a new direction.

Sources told The Sun that Wendy is a hard sell due to her extended leave of absence from The Wendy Williams Show. The host took a long break from the show to recover from the various ailments that have plagued her in recent years.

“The people at iHeart don’t like controversy, so the best place for her is Spotify,” the source said. “They like the wild cards, but even at Spotify they don’t give you the money unless you prove yourself first, and Wendy wants money upfront.”

Wendy may be the Queen of “I don’t care” but the source added that industry insiders don’t share the same sentiment, and they just don’t know if she can “be trusted to deliver a daily show or weekly show.”

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Wendy recently spoke about her financial situation. During a short back-and-forth with Fat Joe on Instagram Live, the TV personality claimed that she only had $2! That’s a far cry from the $10 million she earned every year as the host of her eponymous show.

Wendy’s financial struggles are the result of Wells Fargo freezing her accounts, reportedly worth $20 million. The bank claims to be doing it as a precautionary measure, as they believe the host is being “exploited.”

Meanwhile, Wendy won’t be watching Sherri’s show, and it sounds like she wants nothing to do with her.

“I won’t be watching her because I know what she’ll be doing and that’s not really my thing, you know what I’m saying?” She recently said. “But I love, I love being on my own show. And I love that people love to watch it, you know, all the time.”

“I wish I was there. I wish I was there right now to talk about it,” she continued. “I’m glad I’m able to talk about it when I come back, you know?”

Source: The Sun, Metro

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