Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas already had a legendary surprise wedding after the Billboard Awards at a chapel in Las Vegas, livestreamed to the public by an eager Diplo (he didn’t have the couple’s permission, but they thought it was funny anyway). But now they’re getting ready for a second ceremony. According to reports from Entertainment Tonight, Turner and Jonas are planning a much larger wedding in Paris.

"Joe and Sophie are a couple that loves to have fun and live in the moment, and that's exactly what getting hitched in Vegas was," a source said. "The couple does plan to have a more formal wedding with their family and friends, but this ceremony was just fun. Joe and Sophie are planning to get married in Paris later this year."

Another source told Us Weekly that “Joe and Sophie want to have a huge party.”

“The decor is going to be sophisticated, but there’ll be some kitschy elements, including a really wild cake” they added. “There’ll be a live band, and the Jonas Brothers are expected to take the stage.”

The source called Turner and Jonas “the chillest couple,” saying that they’re letting a wedding planner take the lead. They certainly don’t seem too uptight. The Vegas wedding, held for legal reasons (the religious ceremony in France won’t constitute a legal marriage) was epic–the couple was married by an Elvis impersonator, and wedding photos featured Turner and Jonas hamming it up atop a pink Cadillac (Turner posed with her omnipresent Juul). We can’t imagine how the Paris version will top it.

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