An "emotional" woman drove at her ex-boyfriend and almost mowed him down after they broke up on holiday and he refused to pay her back for the trip, a court heard.

Megan Floyd, 25, flew into a rage after she paid for her and partner Lee Hutchison to go on holiday – only for them to split.

Angered by his refusal to pay her back, Floyd threatened to smash up all the cars at the garage where he worked before driving directly at him in her Vauxhall Corsa.

Mr Hutchison was able to leap out of the way as she caused thousands of pounds of damage by driving into a fence and van belonging to his employers.

Representing Floyd, who was handed a suspended eight-month jail term and banned from driving for two years, Joanne Chester said her client knew she had made a "monumental mistake".

Prosecutor Graham Gilbert told Southampton Crown Court, Hants, an argument broke out between Floyd and her former partner on February 23 this year.

He said Floyd turned up at the car repair garage where he worked in Romsey, Hants, texting him to tell him she was outside.

When he came out, she threatened to smash every car there if he did not pay up.

When he refused, Mr Gilbert said: "She then drove her vehicle into a work van and then towards him. He had to jump out of the way.

"Floyd then reversed into a fence post before leaving."

The court heard Floyd left a trail of destruction in her wake, causing £2,000 worth of damage to the company van and £1,500 damage to the fence.

Floyd, of Southampton, admitted dangerous driving and was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years, and ordered to carry out 160 hours unpaid work.

Judge Peter Henry also banned her from getting behind the wheel for two years and told her she must pay £800 compensation for the damage.

Mitigating, Ms Chester said: "She knows her actions could have resulted in dire consequences and she's entirely grateful that did not happen.

"She made a monumental mistake which could have had such tragic consequences."

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