In Kazakhstan, the average height for women is 5ft 3in, according to the World Population Review.

So you can imagine if you're a model at 6ft 5in and towering above your female friends it's a unique sight to find in the Central Asian country.

Pair that with a woman who is taller than her lofty husband and you have the beautiful Anastasia Parshentseva, 30.

She loves her height – and rightly so – as it's helped her fulfil her dream of modelling.

Despite being labelled a "giraffe" by horrific trolls, Anastasia holds her head high and says her height is a "gift from God".

Anastasia, who has faced lifelong abuse from strangers who gawk at her staggering height in the street, has turned what once was her insecurity into a positive.

Anastasia never used to feel confident about her height.

She admitted: "I have always been very tall for my age and the tallest among peers at school and university.

"When I was a teenager, strangers – mostly children and fools – laughed at me and often called me names like ostrich or giraffe.

"This made me very upset but I never tried to hide my height by slouching or not putting on heels.

"I always walked with my head held high and tried to take no notice of how people pointed at me, but when I was alone I was sad."

Anastasia, who now lives in Moscow, Russia, wanted to be a model from when she was a little girl – but faced criticism in the early stages of her career for being "too tall".

The star said: "I've always wanted to be a model, to walk the catwalk and one day be on the cover of a magazine.

"At the age of 14, I went to study at a modelling school in my city where I was offered to stay and work but my hometown is very small so shows were rare.

"I was the tallest so they put me in a long dress or skirt barefoot while the rest of the girls were in heels to make us all look the same height.

"When I was 18-years-old I was told that I was too tall for a modelling agency and that my height was only suitable for playing sports."

Thankfully, everyone didn't share the same views and the bombshell's career took off.

She said: "After that there was a pause in my modelling career, but years later I was contacted by Ekaterina Lisina's modelling agency – the world's tallest model – and invited to work for them.

"Then this wonderful period of my life began – photo shoots, shows in New York, filming and travelling a lot.

"Now I am so happy that my height helped me become popular and I believe that more opportunities are yet to come."

The star also found love with her husband Sergey Parshentseva, 33, who is 15 centimetres shorter than her but still loves when she wears heels.

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The loved-up pair have been happily married for seven months.

Despite Sergey being a solid six-foot – which is three inches taller than the European average male height of 5ft 9in – he is 15 centimetres shorter than his lofty wife.

Anastasia said: "At first, we were both uncomfortable because the height difference was unusual, but after a while we stopped paying attention to it.

"It doesn't bother us now at all – we love each other and if it were not for my height, he probably would not have noticed me.

"People might stare because of our height difference and question why it doesn't bother us, but we don't pay attention to them.

"He loves when I put on heels and every time we go out somewhere I see how proud he is that I am his woman."

She continued: "When I started modelling everything changed – all the insecurities disappeared from the first day and now I am glad that I am so tall and stately.

"Standing next to models my height and taller made me realise that we are unique, that this is God's gift and that being tall is cool – I finally fell in love with myself and my uniqueness…

"Now I have lots of Instagram fans who love me, my height and long legs – they sincerely admire the real me and this makes me even more confident and happy."

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