Woman begs for advice as she reveals her smelly flatmate hasn’t showered since moving in and her bedroom smells pungent – but would YOU confront them?

  • British woman revealed new female flatmate hasn’t washed since she moved in
  • Posting anonymously on Mumsnet, she explained her odour lingers in the house
  • She admitted to being unsure of how to tell her flatmate about the stench  
  • Responses were divided, with some arguing an adult shouldn’t be told to bathe  

A woman who is struggling with her new flatmate’s poor hygiene has asked for advice on how to confront the situation.

Posting anonymously on Mumsnet the woman, who lives in the UK, explained that her new female flatmate hasn’t used the shower since they moved into the house a few days ago.

She said the smell is now lingering throughout their home, and is particularly strong in the girl’s bedroom, but admitted she is unsure how to approach the subject without causing offense.

A flood of responses to the post urged the woman to be honest about the stench, while others argued it would be better to move out than say anything to the flat mate.

A British woman has sparked a debate online about whether she should tell her flatmate that their smell is spreading throughout the house (file image)

Pleading for advice, the woman wrote: ‘I had a new flat mate move in a few days ago. They haven’t showered since being here. Whenever they use the bathroom it smells of unwashed person. 

‘They’re also a bit messy but I’ve overlooked that so far because I’m a clean freak. But I’m really struggling with the fact that my home now smells of dirty smelly person! 

‘When you walk past their room it smells even more strongly. Is there anything I can do to broach this or make it better without being rude?’

She added: ‘I’m not even sure they’ve brushed their teeth since being here as no toothbrush/ toothpaste (or anything for that matter!) in the shared bathroom’

The woman took to Mumsnet and explained that her flatmate hadn’t used the shower since moving into the flat several days ago 

Many initial responses shared advice for how the woman could tell the flat mate about the smell without being disrespectful.

One person wrote: ‘Maybe just say I’ve noticed you’ve not had a shower yet, would you like me to show you how it works? And also say it’s fine for them to put their shower gel/ shampoo and toothpaste in the shared bathroom. They may be expecting you to lead the way a bit.’  

Another said: ‘Maybe the smells are from unwashed clothes that she hasn’t yet dealt with. The only way to deal with this, is to say something about her odours bothering you, or be forever spraying air freshener around. 

‘She might get the message then, or choke to death on the horrible spray smells.’

A stream of responses urged the woman to be honest with her flatmate and suggested that she demonstrates how to use the bathroom facilities 

A third added: ‘What’s with people making excuses for this smelly person? Maybe they had a shower before they came, maybe they keep their toothbrush under the floorboards, maybe they only like to shower in secret.

‘OP says this person smells bad so they are a dirty, inconsiderate idiot. OP, tell them straight. 

‘I’m sure it will be embarrassing for them but so what, unless this person is five, they have had many years to learn how to wash.’ 

Others argued the woman shouldn’t confront her flat mate because it will make their living situation awkward. 

Others argued the woman shouldn’t confront her flatmate because it will make their living situation awkward 

One commented: ‘I’d move somewhere else, even if not immediately start looking for other suitable places. I couldn’t put up with it and wouldn’t see it my place to police an adult’s hygiene standards. 

‘That would be a really embarrassing and humiliating conversation to have with someone who you’ve been thrown together with by fate, not design.’

Another said: ‘You can’t say anything because they’ve not moved into your house as a lodger under your terms. They’re an equal housemate.’

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