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The transformation is complete, my powerful Scorpion priestess! As you glide into Sagittarius season, you will move with more authenticity and tenacity. The month begins with a climactic New Moon and solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4. This will initiate bold energy in the realm of your birth chart involving earned income, material gains, and that cash money, honey. A new revenue stream, side hustle, or complete shift in income can manifest during this new six-month eclipse period. Prepare for the finishing touches on a major financial change that kicked off during June 2020.

Towards the middle of the month on December 18, there is a Full Moon in Gemini that will light up your 8th house of real estate, shared resources, debts, loans, and investments. New information in these areas of life could pop up, pushing you to make the best decision for yourself. This could be choosing to move to a better home, or put more investment into the one you currently own. A positive living situation is just what you’ve been looking for!

The next day, on December 19, you could start to experience some challenges surrounding communication, especially within relationships. Venus, the planet ruling over love, beauty, relationships, and balance, will turn retrograde in the grounded earth sign of Capricorn. Essentially, this transit will bring up challenging conversations surrounding who or what is no longer a fit for you. This could include work relationships or love. Past issues can resurface, and the cosmos is encouraging you to resolve them. Signing contracts isn’t the best idea, but reviewing them in detail is.

As you get closer to the beginning of the new year, you will start to experience some improvements and breakthroughs as Jupiter moves into your fellow water sign, Pisces, on December 28. In astrology, Jupiter represents luck, abundance, and growth, and it will be able to fully express its benefic attributes as we head into 2022. Lucky you—Jupiter will move through your 5th house of self-expression, romance, fun, and creativity. New opportunities can blossom to work on a fulfilling project, or a side hustle you’ve invested major time and energy into. A steamy fling could also become more, or you could find the fun in romance again. Let’s end the year on a strong note, my determined stinger!

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