You have been holding your dog's leash wrong, according to a professional dog trainer who warns it could put you or your pooch at risk.

In a TikTok video, Adam from Southend Dog Training in Essex did a demonstration of how most people hold the leash and what can go wrong.

He said you need to first make a tight loop around your thumb and then make a fist to "lock" it in place.

It's important to make the loop around the thumb tight to avoid broken bones if your dog suddenly lunges, he said.

Adam said: “If it’s loose and the dog pulls, it’s going to snap your thumb, and if you don’t make a fist, it’s going to snap your thumb.

"You put it around the thumb, then make a fist – that way it’s going nowhere."

He then advised people to turn away from their dog when they lunge.

Adam said: "If your dog goes running on long line or lunges, turn away from the dog and brace for impact, and you will be okay."

The dog training pro also demonstrated how holding the leash without your thumb "locking" it in place can give you rope burn or even result in you losing your dog as it slides through your grip.

Since the video was uploaded on July 28, it has been watched more than 2 million times and people were full of praise for the method.

One user said: "It's fantastic. Absolute game changer my dog actually likes being controlled by me now."

"This feels unbelievably safer. I can't believe I never knew this before," another person commented.

A third user commented: "I found it works a treat, been using them for a couple of months now."

This comes after a hero dog helped pushed a car out of flood water and rescued two women stuck inside.

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