London's black cabs turn green! Officials approve new electric taxi

London’s black cabs turn green! Officials approve new all-electric taxi that can travel 187 miles on a single charge

  • The Dynamo taxi has now been given the green light by Transport for London 
  • Black cabs cause 16 per cent vehicle nitrogen oxide emissions in central London
  • TfL began adding hybrid taxis to fleet in 2017 but they have 1.5-litre petrol engine
  • The £55,495 Dynamo, which is based on a Nissan e-NV200, is solely electric 

It can travel 187miles on one charge, so even longer fares shouldn’t be a problem for the new all-electric black cab.

The Dynamo taxi has been given the green light by Transport for London as part of an attempt to slash carbon emissions in the city.

The capital’s 21,000 black cabs account for 16 per cent of all vehicle nitrogen oxide emissions in central London.

The Dynamo taxi (pictured) has been given the green light by Transport for London as part of an attempt to slash carbon emissions in the city

TfL began adding hybrid taxis to the fleet in 2017, but these have a 1.5-litre petrol engine to extend their range.

The £55,495 Dynamo, which is based on a Nissan e-NV200, is solely electric.

Fully electric cabs first appeared in London in 1897. However, the firm behind the the 10mph Bersey taxis collapsed just two years later.

The Dynamo will be unveiled today at the International Clean Air Conference in London.

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Miss Dubai Megan Pormer & Designer Iris Van Herpen Receive Honors at Dubai Fashion Week

Miss Dubai Megan Pormer received a special honor from the Arab Fashion Council during Dubai Fashion Week earlier this month!

The actress, activist, and model was awarded a Gold Medal from the council because of her career achievements, as well as her contributions to cancer awareness across the globe and her work bringing western designers to the Middle East.

Megan has also been appointed as an ambassador to the Arab Fashion Council.

“It has always been my goal to use my international status as a model and actress and my knowledge of biomedical engineering to connect fashion and beauty with well-being and health. It is with immense gratitude that I accept my appointment to be the Arab Fashion Council’s Ambassador. I pledge to advance the vision of the Council,” she said in a statement.

Megan and the Arab Fashion Council are also honoring fashion designer Iris Van Herpen with a Gold Meal of Honor in recognition of her lifetime achievement. Megan and the Arab Fashion Council hosted Iris in Dubai.

Megan and Iris attended an awards ceremony earlier this month during Dubai Fashion Week and you can see photos from the event in our gallery!

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Geordie Shore’s Aaron Chalmers expecting first child with girlfriend as he calls it the ‘best surprise’

Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers took to Instagram to reveal that he and his girlfriend Talia Oatway are expecting their first child together.

The 32 year old called the news that he is to become a dad for the first time the “best surprise.”

The MMA fighter shared a series of snaps to his Instagram, including an ultrasound, cute baby booties and mittens, babygros and a cookie with 'Baby Chalmers' written on it with icing.

He captioned the pictures: “The BEST surprises are the 1s you don’t expect…. I’m going to be a DADDY!!! Can’t wait to meet you @talia.oatway. [sic]

Aaron’s celebrity pals rushed to congratulate him, with Gaz Beadle writing: “Secrets out congrats again mate welcome to daddy club.”

His former co-star Holly Hagan said: “Omg congratulations to you both.”

Mario Falcone wrote: “Congratulations bro”, while both Sam Gowland and Chloe Ferry commented with love heart emojis.

Talia also confirmed the happy news that she is pregnant on her own Instagram account, as she posted a picture of herself and Aaron with her daughter.

She wrote: "When 3 become 4, my little world is complete", alongside the gorgeous image.

Talia is already mum to daughter, Siennah, from a previous relationship.

Aaron and Talia have been dating for two years and at the beginning of their relationship, he gushed that she was “the one.”

When asked if he thought Talia was the one, Aaron exclusively told OK! Online : "If you’re in a relationship and you didn’t think the other person is the one, then there’s something wrong.

"Obviously I think she is, as otherwise I’d just be wasting time. She’s literally my best friend – she’s my number one fan when it comes to my fights, and she’s the one that kicks me out of bed in the morning when I’m going on runs and I’m staying at hers.

"She’s literally my number one supporter."

He added: "I’m f**king over the moon that I met her, and she’s an an absolutely beautiful girl."

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Star Wars 9 Rise of Skywalker theory: Darth Vader’s helmet destroyed as Palpatine is IN it

In the early hours of this morning, the final trailer for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker landed online. And in one shocking scene, Rey and Kylo Ren are seen using their lightsabers to destroy Darth Vader’s helmet. Just why would they do such a thing? Well, there’s a popular fan theory out there that Palpatine’s soul has possessed the Dark Side artifact.

Perhaps the two are working together to stop Palpatine in his return, suggesting something of a redemption for Kylo Ren?

But just how would Palpatine be in Darth Vader’s helmet, which we’ve seen in the keeping of Ben Solo since The Force Awakens?

Well, think back to Darth Sidious’ apparent death in Return of the Jedi aboard the Death Star II.

Darth Vader picked him up and threw him over a balcony, but in doing so Palpatine struck him with Force lightning.

The redeemed Anakin Skywalker’s helmet lit up, showing his skull before he succumbed to his wounds.

Well, what if in that moment Palpatine transferred his soul to Darth Vader’s headgear.


After all, it’s now Star Wars canon that Sith can live on through Dark Side artifacts like helmets.

In the official Darth Vader comics, Palpatine gave his apprentice the helmet of a deceased Sith called Lord Momin.

But soon after receiving the headgear, the soul of Momin began speaking to Vader.

Since Palpatine gave Vader Momin’s helmet, it seems likely he’d know Sith can live on in this way.

So maybe The Rise of Skywalker will see Darth Sidious talking to Kylo Ren through his grandfather’s helmet and requesting a new body.

Perhaps, this freaks Kylo Ren out and he decides to destroy Darth Vader’s helmet with Rey.

However, the closing scene of The Rise of Skywalker trailer sees Rey confronting Palpatine.

We cannot see the Emperor’s face, but he’s certainly in a physical form.

Maybe there’s something about his face that’s a spoiler?

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker will be released in UK cinemas on December 19, 2019.

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Simon Jordan: Owners really value their fans – even if they act like you’ve eaten their first born when you lose – The Sun

DO club owners really value fans and all the noise that goes with them?

Football’s a very unforgiving business.

For owners there are far easier businesses to choose to be involved in, not least because of the challenges between the relationship with the fans and their expectations.

Every club is unique, from Liverpool  and Manchester United  down to Carlisle.

The fans will have their views and expectations of their owners — and often never the twain shall meet.

When I bought Crystal Palace — the club I supported all my life and the one my father had played for — in 2000 it was on the brink of extinction having been in administration for 18 months.

It was virtually a carcass of a club and I was hailed a hero.

I approached it with great enthusiasm and having written out a cheque for £10million, I read a fans forum for the first time.

The first post I read went: “Thank God Jordan’s here and saved our club, it looks as if he’s going to spend some real money . . . so let’s give him a couple of weeks before we hammer him.”


I soon realised when walking through lounges at Selhurst Park that you win a game and fans wanted pictures of you with their newborn.

Lose a game and they would look at you as if you had just eaten their first born.

I remember Palace playing Wolves away in 2001. After we’d beaten them, a group of Wolves fans protested against the board.

While then-owner Jack Hayward proclaimed himself the “golden t**”, there’s no one who can doubt the good Jack had done for that club.

I found the culture of fans screaming for someone to be sacked unappetising.

If you turned up at their place of work screaming about their failings, they would be  horrified.

Then there’s the idea owners should just spend and spend, but put the price of season ticket up and there’s uproar. So, whose club is it then?

All that said, I adored the Palace fans so much.

When the players didn’t lift a leg at an away game at Barnsley I refunded all the fans their ticket and travel money, such was my belief of my responsibility.

Of course, I made a rod for my back  as every time  fans weren’t happy I got re-imbursement demands.

Football generates a huge amount of  scrutiny and opinion, especially from fans.

According to Labour’s manifesto, they would like fans to have the right to buy  ten per cent of clubs with seats on the boards.

Owners of clubs  are considered merely custodians. Fans are there for the long game, of course, unless at times the club start losing or they don’t agree with or like the owner.

Step forward Mike Ashley for all you Newcastle fans.

Just because owners don’t always do exactly as fans want or sometimes don’t understand what fans feel, it doesn’t mean fans aren’t valued

Fans are incredibly important. Without their emotion, clubs are vacuous, soulless environments full of sometimes over-paid and under-motivated footballers.

In return, football provides fans with a sense of belonging, kinship and takes  people out of their lives for 90 minutes, inspiring or unhinging them.

Broadcast revenues are vast and arguments that fans don’t pay players’ wages are flawed.

Gate receipts of clubs such as Arsenal at £120m are the highest in world football.

In no other industry do you get to serve up crap one week and yet get people to come back the following week.

So are football supporters appreciated and do owners value them?

Besides the odd rogue owner like Steve Dale at Bury and Ken Anderson at Bolton, the answer is unequivocally yes.

But it would be nice now and again if there was a tad more patience.

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Stella Artois bosses offer Brits £77k for advice on tackling binge drinking

The makers of Stella Artois are asking Brits for help to stop people binge drinking.

Brewery bosses are offering £77,000 for suggestions on how best to tackle alcohol-related problems.

Stella was launched in Britain with the slogan: “Reassuringly Expensive”, but gained the infamous nickname “wife beater” as a link was suggested between drinking the strong lager and domestic violence.

Now Budweiser UK & Ireland chiefs are inviting British start-up companies to take part in the firm’s “smart drinking” initiative.

The brewer aims to “help consumers make sensible drinking choices, manage their intake and avoid bingeing on alcohol”.

  • Britain's worst driver 'still on the road – despite whopping 78 points'

  • Sober man learns his stomach brews beer after failing drink-drive test

It is part of the company’s 100+ Accelerator programme, designed to bring about “environmental and societal change”.

The beer giant produces Stella at its Magor plant in South Wales.

Group head Paula Lindenberg said: “I look forward to seeing what innovative start-ups across the UK come up with.”

She added: “I am proud of our 100+ Accelerator and the work it has done to drive progress and innovation.

“It creates the opportunity for start-ups to help effect real societal change.”

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The Young and the Restless: Daniel Goddard out as Cane Ashby

The Young and the Restless fans may have seen the writing on the wall, but the news still isn’t any easier to read. Daniel Goddard confirmed that he is out at The Young and the Restless after 13 years of playing Cane Ashby.

With the current storyline on The Young and the Restless, Cane inherited Devon’s (Bryton James) money. It hasn’t made sense, and with Lily (Christel Khalil) back in Genoa City, news of his departure is a bit stunning.

On Instagram, Daniel Goddard revealed that he was no longer going to be a part of The Young and the Restless. His statement read, in part, “I am forever grateful for the 13 years I have been a part of the Y&R family… but sadly it seems that without Neil and Lily there just is no Cane. 💔”

Details regarding Cane’s exit from Genoa City have not been revealed. News of Daniel Goddard’s departure from The Young and the Restless came straight from him, and at the time of writing this, CBS has not commented on the news.

With Neil (Kristoff St. John) gone due to the actor’s passing earlier this year, and Lily being gone and brought back only sparingly since she went off-contract, it seems that Cane is no longer needed. The writers haven’t woven him into the canvas as much in recent months, which has led to speculation that Cane may be exiting soon.

As for when Cane’s final air date in Genoa City will take place, there are no answers. If Daniel Goddard has completed filming, his exit could likely coincide with November sweeps. Sometimes scenes are taped around six weeks in advance. Without confirmation though, it is hard to guess when he will be exiting for good.

Fans will miss Daniel Goddard as he has been a part of the show for more than a decade.

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'Teen Mom 2': Why Jenelle Evans' Ex Nathan Griffith Says He Shouldn't Have Been Arrested

Jenelle Evans Eason, formerly of MTV’s Teen Mom 2, and her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith were embroiled in a custody battle over their son Kaiser earlier this year. But now, Griffith is facing a legal battle of his own.

Last Thursday, Griffith was arrested for a DWI in Cary, a town in Wake County, North Carolina. While the Cary Police stated that Griffith had failed a series of sobriety tests and had empty alcohol containers in his car, Griffith recently told TMZ a very different story.

The former ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member was arrested in North Carolina for a DWI

Nathan Griffith, who was previously engaged to Teen Mom 2‘s Eason and shares a son, Kaiser, with her, was arrested for a DWI outside a grocery store in North Carolina in the early evening hours of Oct. 17.

Police said they responded to a call for a potential medical issue with Griffith, as he allegedly appeared to be unconscious, according to Radar Online. When they arrived, they instead arrested him.

This was far from Griffith’s first brush with the law, especially involving alcohol use. Griffith has had at least three DWI arrests in the past in North and South Carolina. He has also had domestic violence arrests for allegations of assault against both Eason and another ex-girlfriend, Jessica Henry.

Griffith, an ex-Marine, has previously stated that he struggles with PTSD. Many fans have speculated that Griffith also battles addiction, as many of his other arrests (from open containers and disorderly conduct to public intoxication and threatening a police officer) have involved substance abuse.

Griffith said he wasn’t driving at the time of his arrest

Despite police reports, Griffith claims that he was not driving when he was arrested. While he admits that he had been drinking, he says he wasn’t even in his car when police approached him.

In an exclusive interview, Griffith told TMZ of the incident, “So supposedly there was a call or disturbance saying a man was sleeping…in his car. The fire station showed up, and I pretty much practically told them I didn’t want to deal with them, and I said everything was fine.”

Griffith claimed that he then starting walking to meet his friends at a restaurant. “I was going ahead and meeting some friends, and so of course I locked my doors. And I was walking down the street, you know, to go meet my friends.”

That’s when, Griffith claimed to TMZ reporters, he was questioned by a police officer. “About, a good four or five minutes, I got pulled over by a police officer. They told me to walk back to my vehicle. They could not get into my vehicle. They asked me if I’d been sleeping and if the car was being operated, I said, no ma’am.”

Griffith also alleged that the sobriety tests he’d been issued weren’t legitimate, saying, “They gave me a sobriety test. I think they were highly subjective to whether I was passing or failing those sobriety tests.”

The former Teen Mom 2 cast member continued, “So anyways, they arrested me for a DWI and I was like, ‘How are you arresting me for a DWI if I’m not even behind a vehicle, operating a vehicle…and my vehicle isn’t even turned on?’ And they said, ‘Well, we have witnesses saying that you were sleeping behind your wheel of your vehicle while your vehicle was turned on. I said, ‘Obviously not, because I can’t even get into my vehicle.’”

Griffith told TMZ reporters that he believes he should have been charged with public intoxication, not a DWI.

Fans think that Griffith’s arrest will affect his custody battle with his ‘Teen Mom 2’ ex

Griffith’s and Eason’s five-year-old son Kaiser was temporarily removed from Eason’s care earlier this year.

Griffith notified police that his ex’s husband, David Eason, had allegedly killed the family dog, Nugget. Eason later publicly admitted to killing Nugget, but said he did so because he posed a threat to the couple’s young daughter, Ensley.

The former Marine cared for Kaiser before returning him to Eason’s custody after the investigation was closed. In July, Griffith announced that he would be battling his Teen Mom 2 ex for sole custody of Kaiser.

Given Griffith’s most recent arrest, some fans speculate that it will now be an uphill battle for him to get primary or sole legal and physical custody of his son.

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Where the Real Couples Who Inspired Amazon Prime's Modern Love Are Today

Amazon Prime’s new series, Modern Love, is drawing emotion from viewers with its complex stories inspired by real-life love.

The show, which consists of eight 30-minute standalone episodes, is based on The New York Times‘ weekly column that features personal essays about love penned by New York residents.

The show’s premiere episode, “When the Doorman Is Your Main Man,” features Cristin Milioti as Maggie Mitchell, a woman who finds comfort in her doorman, played by Laurentiu Possa, after she learns she is pregnant. The inspiration for the gripping story came from writer Julie Margaret Hogben in 2015.

Hogben, who is now mom to a 12-year-old girl, told the NYT in a recent interview that her friendship with the doorman, Guzim, has carried over a decade later.

“Whenever I’m in town, I always peek in to see if he’s at the door,” she said.

As the story tells, Guzim and Hogben never entered in a romantic relationship. In fact, she hasn’t been in one since her daughter was born.

“My daughter will occasionally open up an account for me. Three months ago she opened up a Bumble account and uploaded seven of my pictures and wrote me a little profile,” she said.

In the show’s second episode, Deborah Copaken’s 2015 story about her own lost love was adapted with Catherine Keener, Dev Patel and Andy Garcia starring. Years later, Copaken told the NYT that she now only sees her former love’s life from afar on social media.

However, she has successfully found her own happiness. In September 2017, she went on a Bumble date and connected her new love Will, whom she had actually first met back in 2001 when he was a magazine editor and she was a writer.

Dev Patel and Catherine Keener

“That was two years ago,” she said. “We moved in together a year later. And I feel extremely lucky that I get this second chance at love.”

And Patel’s character is modeled after Justin McLeod, the founder of the dating app Hinge. He also got a happy ending: Inspired by his conversation with Cokapen, he flew to Europe to declare his love for college sweetheart Kate, who was engaged to another man. They are now married and expecting their first child.

The third episode, “Take Me As I Am, Whoever I Am,’ stars Anne Hathaway in the gripping story about a woman living with bipolar disorder, originally penned in 2008 by then-entertainment lawyer Terri Cheney.

Over a decade later, Cheney gave up law and pursued writing fulltime. “My book, ‘Manic,’ became a New York Times best seller and an L.A. Times best seller and was translated into eight foreign languages,” she told the NYT.

Anne Hathaway, Gary Carr

And as for her love life?

“When I decided to write again after I got out of the hospital, I was much healthier and I dated a lot and had a few long-term relationships,” Cheney said. “Right now I’d say I’m in love and I’m loved back. I don’t know necessarily if I’m in a relationship. I do love. I am in love. So that’s great.”

The NYT also caught up with Ann Leary, who inspired the fourth episode, “Rallying to Keep the Game Alive,” which stars Tina Fey and John Slattery. In her 2013 essay, Ann wrote about her marriage to actor husband Denis Leary that almost didn’t last.

Tina Fey and John Slattery

Seven years later, Ann confirmed to the NYT that the couple are still together (and do indeed still play tennis!). Plus, her celebrity husband gave her full permission to display their marital problems to the world.

“I had to run it by him,” she said. “And if he had said, ‘I don’t want that,’ I don’t think I would have published it. He was like, ‘It’s O.K. I think it’s good.’ “

Modern Love is streaming on Amazon Prime now.

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Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles Clippers odds, lines, picks and betting tips

The Los Angeles Lakers (0-0) and Los Angeles Clippers (0-0) get their 2019-20 NBA seasons underway Tuesday at Staples Center. Tip-off is scheduled for shortly after 10:30 p.m. ET. In this one, we focus on the Lakers-Clippers odds and lines, with NBA betting advice and tips around the matchup.

Lakers at Clippers: By the numbers

Place a legal sports bet on this NBA action or other games at BetMGM.

  • The two rivals split last season’s head-to-head series 2-2. The Clippers won both Lakers’ “home” games and the Lakers won their two “road” games.
  • Both teams topped 100 points in each of last year’s four meetings.
  • The Lakers went 3-3 in preseason action while the Clippers went 2-3. The Lakers outscored their opposition 107.3 to 103.5 on average. The Clippers outscored their opponents 104.0 to 101.8.
  • The Clippers surprised many by securing the eighth seed in last year’s Western Conference playoffs. They went 48-34 over the regular season, narrowly outscoring the opposition 115.1 to 114.3.
  • The Lakers went just 37-45 and were outscored 113.5 to 111.8.
  • The Clippers signed SF Kawhi Leonard to a max free-agent contract this offseason before trading for SF Paul George. The two averaged a combined 54.6 points per game last season with the Toronto Raptors and Oklahoma City Thunder, respectively.
  • The Lakers will debut their own dynamic duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis Tuesday. Neither player will have a minutes restriction. They combined for 53.3 points per game last year with the Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans, respectively.
  • The Lakers ranked fourth in the NBA with 103.60 possessions per game last season. The Clippers ranked seventh with 102.66 possessions per game.
  • Last year’s head-to-head series went 2-2 against the Over/Under.

Lakers at Clippers: Key injuries


  • PG Rajon Rondo (calf) questionable
  • PG Alex Caruso (pelvic bone) probable
  • PF Kyle Kuzma (foot) out


  • George (shoulder) out at least the first 10 games

Lakers at Clippers: Odds, picks and betting tips

NBA odds courtesy of BetMGM; access USA TODAY Sports for a full set of today’s betting odds. Odds last updated at 12 p.m. ET.

Moneyline : Take the LAKERS at -167 odds with both of their two biggest stars active and ready for full workloads to begin the season. A $10 bet pays a profit of $6.

Line : Get better value on the Lakers by taking the -105 odds for them to cover a modest spread of -3.5 and win by four or more points. Both Lakers victories last season were played within margins of five points, but expect a strong outing from Davis and James as they look to quickly correct what was a disappointing season in Laker Land last year.

Over/Under : Three of last year’s four games topped Tuesday’s projected total of 223.5. Take the OVER in the series opener with -115 odds.

Want some action in this one? Place a bet at BetMGM now. For more sports betting tips, visit

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Gannett may earn revenue from audience referrals to betting services. Newsrooms are independent of this relationship and there is no influence on news coverage.


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