A BOXER with a badly broken jaw split in two fought on for FIVE ROUNDS – despite only half his mouth moving when trying to talk.

Australian Benjamin Hussain, 21, incredibly carried on with his bout after suffering the gruesome blow – which he revealed the true extent of in a horrific Instagram video from his hospital bed.

The Queensland fighter was eventually stopped from competing by the doctor and forced to take his first professional defeat in just his third fight.

Opponent Ben Mahoney delivered the sickening blow in the second round via a booming hook which sent his mouthguard flying.

But onlookers failed to realise it was anything more than a bad cut as blood poured from Hussain's mouth.

His corner did not throw in the towel until the doctor told him his jaw was broken at the end of the sixth round.

The doc said: "Your jaw is broken, mate. I mean it's badly broken, we've got to stop it."

Hussain at first asked if the fight could be settled by the judges scorecards, thinking he may be ahead.

But – when told by the ref he would lose by TKO – incredibly tried to carry on before the medic put their foot down and ruled him out.

And the extent of the brutal break shocked viewers, including the commentators.

On commentary, Ben Damon said: "Oh jeez, yeah, that is horrific. We thought it might have been a cut tongue or laceration inside the mouth.

“But it is a broken jaw and with that being said, Benjamin Hussain has shown he’s otherworldly tough.

“He’s gone through the vast majority of this fight with what appears to be a very, very badly damaged mouth and jaw."

Boxing journalist Chisanga Malata tweeted: "Good lord. This is hands down the worst broken jaw I've ever seen."

One fight fan said: "Honestly thought for a second, 'How'd they break his teeth off so evenly?' Damn."

Another added: "That can't be real."

Hussain captioned his video: "This is boxing. Thanks to everybody I'll be back 100 per cent."

Hussain is not the only sporting star to suffer a bloody blow this week after Flamengo footballer Gustavo Henrique went down with a testicle injury.

The 27-year-old sustained a cut which left his white shorts blood-stained.

Fans claimed it was 'the most painful injury ever' but Hussain's could now rival it.

Other savage knocks include Liverpool Women's star Fran Kitching splitting her head open in January and footballer David Busst's sickening leg break.

The most infamous injury of the Premier League era is probably Alf-Inge Haaland's broken leg after Roy Keane's challenge in 2001.

And it's not just football, Anderson Silva's leg break against Chris Weidman in 2013 is probably the most famous injury in UFC history – and there have been plenty!

Plus ex-England cricketer Craig Kieswetter was sadly forced to retire when a ball from David Willey smashed through his helmet and fractured his eye socket.

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