ENGLAND’S Eric Dier has hit back at those who view footballers as thick, spoiled brats.

The Spurs ace, 28 today, told a podcast: “Being judged on how I play football I don’t have a problem with too much.

“But I have a bigger problem with the way footballers are perceived.

“A 22-year-old boy can do one stupid thing and it will snowball.

“That’s not to mean it’s right. If he did it a second time I’d be, like, ‘You idiot’.

"But it’s normal for people that age to be making mistakes.”

Dier, who speaks Portuguese and has raised capital for a dining app, said many players were intelligent and interesting.

He added: “You look at their cars — but they were the ones that from eight years old were the most disciplined, the most hard-working, the most committed.”

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