A FOOTBALL team are proud to display their ball skills — in the world’s first see-through strip.

Players from Bedale FC — famed for their novelty outfits — line up in their transparent kits for Prostate Cancer UK.

Giant white arrows on the shorts and shirt point to their manhood, with a message saying: “Don’t forget to check.”

The North Yorkshire club, from the North Riding League, donate £5 from every kit sale.

They have raised £200,000 for Prostate Cancer UK and hope to hit £250,000.

Their previous strips have featured hot dogs, and bangers and mash.

Chairman Martyn Coombs said: “We produced extra shirts to cope with demand.”

Bedale FC is sponsored by sausage maker HECK.

HECK co-founder, Andrew Keeble said: “What started as an innocuous sausage kit a few years ago has snowballed into this massive, almost unstoppable force that shows no sign of letting up.

“Every time we think that’s it, we get another idea for a new kit and away we go again.”

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