FIGHT week is finally here as Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder get ready to clash in a colossal Las Vegas trilogy bout.

Fury knocked Wilder out in seven rounds last year to claim the WBC heavyweight title but the Bronze Bomber is hellbent on revenge.

All the ring action will happen on Saturday night in the UK with the fight beginning in the early hours of Sunday morning.

You can catch all of the coverage live on BT Sport Box Office.


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  • James Orr


    But Fury hit back: “I knocked you out dosser! You are a weak man and you are getting knocked out.

    “I have come here looking a million dollars and you have turned up looking like a tramp.

    “He is a lying little dosser and an insecure little s***. He has been done, beaten, busted.

    “This little p***y got his a*** handed to him twice and he can’t do f*** all about it.”

    There was NO head to head at the end, as per instructions from worried promoter Bob Arum.

  • James Orr


    Though Wilder insists Fury robbed him with a range of scams.

    He said: "I don’t regret the claims I made and I will go to my grave believing it because I have confirmation and clarity.

    "Men and women lie but the eyes can’t, the eyes don’t lie.

    "I am now a better man and fighter because of what I have learned and know.

    "The truth sets you free so there is no pressure on me, it’s all on him, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. My energy is like my mind, it is very violent."

  • James Orr


    Fury went topless under his latest outrageous suit and mocked tracksuited Wilder for copying his trademark look.

    The Englishman laughed: "He has got no shirt on to copy me.

    "I am famous for that, everyone wants to be like me, the Bronze Bombers needs to stop copying the Gypsy King."

  • James Orr


    While Wilder went for a red tracksuit, with the ominious translation of 'eye for an eye' on.

  • James Orr


    And Fury's shoes had his Ring Magazine title on.

  • James Orr


    Fury opted for one of his trademark suits for the press conference.

    This one emblazoned with his WBC heavyweight title…

  • James Orr


    Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder have exchanged words at their final press conference before Saturday's fight…and it's been explosive!

    Fury has told Wilder face-to-face that he is a 'weak little person' for accusing him of cheating.

    The 35-year-old accused Fury of loading his gloves and paying off members of his team for the February 2020 war he lost.

    And, at the pre-fight press conference when Wilder was given the chance to retract and apologise, he doubled down on the claims, leaving Fury raging.

    The Brit giant fumed: "I don’t care, because it is coming from an unwell person.

    "He blamed me, his trainer, his costume, the referee, the commission, one might have been believable but not 50.

    "It just tells me he is a mentally weak little person who I am going to beat again.

    "I obliterated him in the rematch and he is getting it again."

  • Justin Lawrence


    Tyson Fury is gutted Anthony Joshua’s defeat to Oleksandr Usyk cost him £75million.

    Saudi Arabia were ready to stump up mega-money to host the all-English undisputed heavyweight decider in August, helping raise around £200m for the pair to split.

    But Fury has no interest in gloating or sticking the boot in, despite feeling Joshua costing him.

    Fury told IFL: "It was a bit of an anti-climax but no part of me was happy that he lost.

    "We were all in the front room saying 'come on win the fight, land a big right hand'.

    "Why would I be pleased? There just goes £75million down the toilet so I wasn't pleased that he lost."

  • Justin Lawrence


    Tyson Fury defends his WBC belt against Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas this weekend.

    And punters can back three amazing specials on the blockbuster heavyweight showdown PLUS new Sky Bet customers can claim a whopping £40 in free bets!

    The pair meet for their trilogy fight in Las Vegas on Saturday.

    The 'Gypsy King' is an overwhelming 4/11 favourite to successfully defend his belt.

    But Wilder could prove a more difficult obstacle with new trainer Malik Scott in his corner.

    The 35-year-old was knocked out by Fury in February 2020 after their first contest ended in a controversial draw where the Briton twice hit the canvas.

    History could repeat itself this weekend with Fury available at 7/1 to win the contest having been knocked down with Sky Bet.

    Fury can also be backed at 9/1 to win by Unanimous Decision and Wilder to be knocked down in Rounds 1-6.

    But if you fancy an upset, YOU can back Wilder to win by KO/TKO in Rounds 1-3 & 3+ knockdowns in the fight at giants odds of 25/1.

  • Justin Lawrence


    Deontay Wilder has shared the reason why he stayed silent at the first press conference ahead of his trilogy fight with Tyson Fury.

    The Bronze Bomber only spoke to give a brief statement before putting on headphones when he met Fury in June.

    And the American explained that the reason he done that is because he means business this time around, he hasn't come to entertain.

    He told ESNEWS: "I just mean business, I didn’t come here to play around.

    “I’m strictly business when it comes to this fight. I’mma let him do the circus, let him promote it and do it."

  • Justin Lawrence


    Deontay Wilder needs to set aside friendships if he’s to have any chance of finally defeating Tyson Fury.

    That’s the view of legendary trainer Harold Knight, who says the appointment of Wilder’s friend Malik Scott as his head coach could spell trouble for the Bronze Bomber.

    The pair teamed up earlier this year to prepare for the highly anticipated trilogy bout with Fury.

    And Knight – who coached Scott and has worked with Dillian Whyte and Lennox Lewis – warned Wilder he needs to stay businesslike ahead of Saturday’s showdown.

    Knight told MyBettingSites: "From experience and being around Malik for a long time, it's a fine line between friendship and business.

    “If Malik can keep it business rather than friendship with Wilder, I believe they can do some good things.

    "This is business, this is high stakes boxing, this is world championship boxing, legacy is on the line."

  • Justin Lawrence


    Deontay Wilder has been urged to 'man up' and accept defeat if he has any chance of beating Tyson Fury in their trilogy bout.

    Fury brilliantly beat Wilder in their February 2020 rematch, after they dramatically drew in 2018.

    Otto Wallin, the last man Fury beat before his crowning night over Wilder, has hit out at the Bronze Bomber for refusing to acknowledge his loss.

    And he fears it will hold back the former champion from recognising what went wrong and fixing it – playing right into Fury's hands.

    Swedish fighter Wallin, 30, told SunSport: “I think that Fury is going to win again. I find it strange with Wilder, all the excuses.

    “That really makes me question, how much can you really improve if you have to keep coming up with excuses?

    “I feel like Wilder’s got to man up and take the loss, he lost fair and square to the better man, realise that and start working."

  • Justin Lawrence


    Deontay Wilder plans to wear another eccentric outfit into the ring when he faces Tyson Fury.

    Critics blamed the last one Wilder wore for his defeat to Fury the last time they met.

    But Wilder's unphased by what they think because he has the best costumes that represent his tribe.

    He told Boxing Scene: "Since I became champion, you know, nobody has come out with a better dress, better uniform than I have.

    "And we’re going to continue with that. We’ll just have to see what I put on. It’s going to be something special.

    "It’s going to be something that I dedicate to my people, my tribe. So you can look forward to seeing it."

  • Justin Lawrence


    Deontay Wilder claims he already knows how his fight with Tyson Fury will end on the weekend.

    The Bronze Bomber reckons that he'll give Fury a good hiding before sending him sprawling to the canvas.

    That's the vision that Wilder's seen in his head while preparing for the fight.

    The American told Boxingnews24: "I see me beating him up and knocking him out."


  • Sandra Brobbey


    Tyson Fury has taken a swipe at Deontay Wilder's explanation for his loss to the Brit in their previous Trilogy clash.

    The Bronze bomber partly blamed the weight of his battery-operated ringwalk attire for his defeat.

    Ahead of their clash on Saturday, Fury Boxing Scene: “Maybe we should have him weigh his costume before he walks to the ring in it so there can’t be any excuses this time.”

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Tyson Fury and Deontay are set to bank an eyewatering £18million EACH in the final fight of their trilogy on Saturday.

    Both heavyweights will be battling the WBC Championship belt which Fury currently holds.

    And Wilder will be looking for revenge after losing courtesy of a seventh-round stoppage the last time the two boxers fought.

    How Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder stack up ahead of the trilogy fight
  • Sandra Brobbey


    Tyson Fury says he intends to pull hotel pranks on Deontay Wilder ahead of their trilogy bout in Las Vegas.

    TheWBC heavyweight champ is defending his title against Wilder for the first time this Saturday.

    Fury told BT Sport: "I'm going to be terrorising him all night.

    "I'll be phoning his phone up, knocking on his door and running away cause that's how we roll!"

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Tyson Fury has hit back at cheating claims and has vowed to punch Deontay Wilder's face in during their fight at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas.

    Fury told The MMA Hour: “We’ve boxed 19 rounds and he’s practically won two rounds out of 19.

    "With Wilder, in my opinion, he’s come out with all this stuff saying I’ve cheated.

    "Whether he believes it or not is another thing, but he has to try and sell the fight somehow.

    "He has to try and make a reason why he could win.

    "So he clearly couldn’t do the reasons why in a boxing fight so he has to make other reasons for his own self, for the people around him who are saying he can do this, he can do that."

  • Sandra Brobbey


    David Price and Dillian Whyte fear that Deontay Wilder's ego could cost him in his fight against Tyson Fury.

    Wilder, 35, was on the wrong end of a technical knockout the last time the fierce rivals went toe-to-toe

    Former heavyweight Price told BBC Radio Five Live: "Instead of admitting to his mistakes and shortcomings and trying to improve on what went wrong, he's not wrong. It's a bit narcissistic to think like that."

    Whyte added:"Wilder, we don't know if he's recovered at all because he went on this crazy run of blaming stuff. He was acting crazy.

    "We don't know where they're at fully. The smart money would pick Fury to win again, but something inside of me is saying Wilder might spring a surprise on us."

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Tyson Fury is set to have his ringside stool showing an image of Deontay Wilder getting clobbered with a right hook.

    It is thought the Gypsy King, whose WBC champ belt is up for grabs, will have the stool as his seat in the ring in between rounds.

    The outspoken heavyweight is set to face Wilder at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Deontay Wilder admitted to being grateful his Trilogy fight with Tyson Fury was delayed.

    The fight was rescheduled for this Saturday after the Gypsy King tested positive for Covid-19 back in July.

    Wilder told Boxing Scene: "The delay was a blessing, a blessing for me.

    "The more they delayed it, the more time we had to work on our craft and art and to go over even more, strategically, go over the game plan that we’re gonna have come October the 9th.

    "As a fighter, you’re ready to go. You know, you’re ready to get back out there.

    "And this is the longest I’ve been out of the ring, especially when I’m anxious to get in the ring."

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Deontay Wilder has dropped a shock retirement hint by insinuating he could quit after his Tyson Fury Trilogy fight.

    The Bronze Bomber is hoping to nab the WBC heavyweight title from the Gypsy King when their pair clash on Saturday night.

    Wilder told Last Stand Podcast:"I can feel it getting close, retirement.

    "I'm seeking one champion, one face, one name.

    "The only way I will be able to retire is if I achieve (that).

    “The faster I can get that, the faster I can retire and get the hell out of here."

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Images of Deontay Wilder's ringwalk costume are reportedly starting to emerge ahead of the Bronze Bomber's clash with Tyson Fury.

    Designers Cosmo and Donato are thought to have made the star a 'significantly lighter' costume after he blamed battery-powered garments for his loss to Fury in February 2020.

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Deontay Wilder claims he is feeling'rejuvenated' ahead of his duel with Tyson Fury.

    The pair are set to go head-to-head in Las Vegas's T-Mobile Arena on Saturday with Fury's WBC heavyweight belt up for grabs.

    Wilder told reporters: "I feel great, I feel amazing.

    "I'm rejuvenated, reinvented and I'm ready to go.

    "Saturday night is going to be a special night. I think the fans are in for a treat, as they always are when the 'Bronze Bomber' steps in the ring."

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Tyson Fury has threatened to knock Deontay Wilder 'spark out' in their highly-anticipated duel in Las Vegas on Saturday.

    The WBC Champion told reporters: "When I was first going to fight (Wilder) I thought he was a decent man, like a family man and doing it for his kids.

    "But now I know he's a real piece of garbage and a piece of rubbish and I'm going to knock him spark out on Saturday night."

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