JULIJA PAJIC is the lightweight star who beat up a MALE opponent and vows to donate the $1million PFL prize money to her mum.

SunSport can confirm Pajic will be one of eight contenders competing in the 2021 Professional Fighters League season, where the winner takes home $1m.

She will be joined by 2019 champion Kayla Harrison, Cindy Dandois, Genah Fabian, Olena Kolesnyk, Mariana Morais, Larissa Pacheco and Laura Sanchez.

The 23-year-old is 3-0 in her career but shot to fame in Germany for dominating a male opponent in an exhibition bout she signed up to online.

Recalling the experience, Pajic said: "I thought, 'Oh my god, of course this is great, very interesting'.

"I put my email and the people wanted to make a fight for me. I was happy, but I didn't choose the opponent.

"For me I just wanted to fight for a man because all my life it's been a dream no matter who comes in the cage I want to show that I can also fight a man."

After punching her vastly undermatched opponent around the cage, Pajic enjoyed local notoriety and began to get noticed.

She revealed: "A lot of people found out about the fight – it's a girl against a man, it's not something that happens everyday.

"For example one day I went on the train and when I came off some boys came to me and said, 'Hey, you're the girl fighter'.


"I smiled, for me it makes me happy. Once a rapper wanted me to be in his video as he wanted a girl fighter.

"It's a lot of positivity, some negativity but all the time you get both positives and negatives."

Pajic, a German-born who resides in Montenegro but trains in Croatia, now faces her toughest test to date as she joins PFL's lightweight division.

The MMA league has a quarters, semis and final format, with the last two fighting for the life-changing cheque.

Pajic has vowed to share her winnings with her mother and family back home in Montenegro if she goes all the way in the three-stage tournament.

She explained: "My life would not change too much. Of course, it would be easier for me to pay for training but I would not change so much.

"I would help people, for example who are ill or with mental health, and also I want to give money to my mum.

"For so many years she gave me money for training and because of her I am where I am now.

"I want to give this back to her. I am also sure she would give money back to my grandma in Montenegro as there is not much money there."

Harrison's defence of the lightweight crown will start on May 6.

The 30-year-old is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in Judo and took home the cash prize two years ago after beating Pacheco in the final.

Pacheco, 26, is out for revenge as she tries her luck again but so will Fabian, 31, who has fought twice in PFL.

Dandois, 36, Sanchez, 30, Morais, 25, Kolesnyk, 30, and Pajic will all be making their promotional debuts.

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