GOLFER Paige Spiranac has released a Christmas towel with 'Ho Ho Ho' written on it and said: 'Because that's what you call me all the time'.

The American has faced harsh trolls in the past and even revealed she received death threats after angering supporters of the San Diego Padres when joking about their fanbase.

But Spiranac made light of her critics as she launched a Christmas inspired towel that features herself dressed up in a Santa Claus outfit.

Explaining the design, she said: "Hey guys, we all know the holidays are coming up and you're like, 'What am I going to get the girl of my life?'

"Or, you're like, 'Hey, Paige I wish you were with me at all times on the golf course'.

"Well, now I can be as we made a holiday inspired towel. I'm not going to say anymore as I don't even think I can do it justice…"

Spiranac then shows off the towel, which reveals herself dressed as Father Christmas with the words 'Ho Ho Ho' written above her.

She adds: "It's me! It says 'Ho Ho Ho', because that's what you guys like to call me all the time."

Despite the jibe, Spiranac ensured her fans she had 'a lot of fun' making the towel.

The social media sensation recently revealed how she is told to play from the 'ladies tee' so she 'doesn't keep the men up' – despite being an ex-pro.

With 2.9million Instagram followers, Spiranac has previously blamed golf's middle-aged male establishment for harassment she has suffered, including blackmail and death threats.

Spiranac retired from golf in 2016 but still continues to upload tips online while running a YouTube channel with over 177,000 subscribers.

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