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Hall of Famer Peyton Manning talked about when he once cursed out a referee so bad that he wanted to write an apology letter to him, but the NFL refused to give the legendary quarterback the referee’s address.


Manning told the story during the broadcast with his brother, Eli, on the inaugural “Monday Night Football” simulcast on ESPN2. The Las Vegas Raiders managed to pull out a 33-27 victory over the Baltimore Ravens, which wrapped up the Week 1 slate of games.

“I remember one time I just laid into a referee,” Manning recalled on the broadcast. “I knew the guy. He was a good guy. He called the worst holding call. I let him have it. I felt so bad I asked the NFL for his address after the game. I was going to write him an apology letter.”

Manning continued: “They wouldn’t give me his address, as if I was going to go and like, egg his house or something. I was like, ‘I’m just going to write him an apology letter!’ Nobody writes the referees an apology letter.”

Manning said that the referee thinks he’s a “jerk to this day” because of the holding call that he disputed during a game against the Miami Dolphins.

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