TYSON Fury has gone teetotal as he looks to keep his mental health demons at bay.

The boxing champ, 32 — who confessed to drinking 12 pints a day — has vowed to family and friends he will stay off booze.

“Gypsy King” Fury has spoken openly about his drink, drugs, and mental health issues in the past.

He was spotted this week with his boxer half-brother Tommy, 22, relaxing by a pool in Miami — with Fury sipping from a bottle of alcohol-free lager.

A source said: “Tyson has kicked the booze on the head for good.

"It is not because of the boxing, because he can always get in shape for fights and obviously doesn’t drink during training camps.

“Tyson is doing this for himself and his family — especially his wife Paris.

“And he reckons it is the best way to be a great dad and stay in shape physically and mentally.”

Undefeated heavyweight Fury said in March he was drinking up to a dozen beers a day and had quit training as he was fed up with fights collapsing.

The 6ft 9in star said: “I have stopped training at the moment, I am on holiday.

“I am drinking between eight, ten, 12 pints of lager a day.”

Sources said he could have been joking in a bid to speed up big-fight negotiations.

And he is set to fight Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia, in August, in a unification bout worth up to £100million each.

Paris, 31, is pregnant with the couple’s sixth child.

She sparked fears by posing without her wedding ring on Instagram.

But our source insisted: “They are rock-solid.”

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