WRESTLING star Jimmy Rave has had both legs amputated after contracting MRSA.

The news comes just a year after the former Ring of Honor star had to have his left arm amputated.

Rave announced his immediate retirement upon last year's news.

And after trouble walking this summer, an MRSA diagnosis forced the ex-Impact star to have have his legs removed too.

The 38-year-old wrote on Twitter, accompanying a picture of himself in hospital: "Apparently it's time for me to come clean.

"This past June I began having trouble walking & went to my surgeon.

"He determined I had MRSA in both legs & they needed to be amputated immediately.

"Promoters can tell you along with my peers, I've had a history w/this and would cancel shows often due to this condition."

The popular star then added: "I don't know where rumors started this was due to something else, but I hadnt been to shows for so long.

"So where did someone see me do something? I have ALWAYS been honest with my past. I went on podcast n interviews being super candid.

"Pro Wrestling is all I ever loved. It sucks to think that the tribe I would have died for, would say untrue things about me.

"I've gone this whole time not disclosing my legs because of this embarrassment. Sorry I fell short of your expectations. I tried … I really did."

Fans online came together to support Rave.

Former competitor Romain Vezirian wrote: "I hate that this happened to you. Going from being a huge fan of yours to sharing the ring with you remains the highlight of my career. We're all rooting for you."

While a fan added: "Man this takes courage however you don’t owe anyone any explanation. Keep pressing forward and don’t let the haters get to you."

Another commented: "I remember first seeing you having great matches in CZW during the Best of the Best tournament in 2003, been a fan of you ever since. You have a positive legacy in wrestling no matter what anyone says."

Rave also shared details of his astonishing medical bill – totalling more than $100,000 (£72,600).

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