Asda is selling a chocolate Guinness cake with FOUR layers

ASDA is selling a ready-to-eat, four-layered Guinness cake for just £11 – and it even looks like a pint of the frothy stout.

The new treat contains four layers of Guinness chocolate cake, sandwiched together with a Guinness chocolate frosting, and topped with cream cheese frosting.

The moist sponge is made of rich chocolate, and the creamy topping is designed to look like the froth on a pint.

The cakes contain real alcohol, but because it's such a low content you won't need your I.D. to buy one.

Each cake contains 10 servings at 318 calories per slice, and it's the only pre-made Guinness cake we could find being sold at major retailers.

The cake will be appearing in Asda supermarkets across the UK from Tuesday, October 15.

There are hundreds of stores across the UK and you can find your nearest using Asda's store locator tool.

At the moment, the cake isn't available online, but we've asked Asda whether it will be and we will update this story when we know more.

Although you can only get the cake in Asda from next Tuesday, Finsbury Food Group, which makes the cake, says that it is hoping to roll it out to other supermarkets by the end of the year.

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Plus, Aldi is selling a copycat Colin the Caterpillar called Cuthbert – and it’s £2 cheaper.

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Mums are going wild over Asda’s £1.27 Bedtime Massage Mist that ‘helps kids get to sleep in 10 minutes'

A MUM who struggles to get her kids to sleep at night has taken to social media to share a genius tip with other parents.

Writing on Facebook, the woman revealed she uses a £1.27 product from Asda which she claims sends her kids to the land of nod in just 10 minutes.

Writing on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook group, she said: "Little Angels Massage Mist, I bathed my kids and put this on them both.

"My son is four years old and my daughter is five months old and it worked a charm, got them in pyjamas and they were both asleep within 10 minutes.

"It's usually hard to get my son to go to sleep on time, [he] always plays up.

"Only £1.27 from Asda."

  • Little Angels Bedtime Massage Mist, £1.27, Asda – buy now

The Little Angels mist is part of the supermarket's baby range, with the hero product described as "perfect to relax your baby before bedtime".

Containing lavender and chamomile fragrance, it promises to moisturise baby's skin leaving it soft and smooth.

It is also hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved.

Other mums on the group couldn't get enough of the £1.27 product, with one commenting: "I use this on my little boy too!

"I've always used a lavender spray with both my boys works a charm".

Others tagged their mum pals in the post, with one suggesting it might work on her friend's daughter "on the nights she turns into an owl".

Another wrote: "I keep seeing good reviews of the Little Angels stuff.

"May be worth trying with the boys so they're not up until 11PM."

Asda advises users to keep the spray away from baby's nose and mouth and avoid contact with eyes.

In the event of skin irritation, discontinue use immediately.

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Bike yobs storm through Asda and punch shopper in shocking rampage

A group of violent youths rode into an Asda store on bikes and punched customers in a savage rampage.

The shocking video posted on YouTube, shows the mob cycling into the Asda Brighton Marina store, targeting any unsuspecting shoppers who stood in their way.

The group, believed to be between the ages of 13 and 17, performed tricks on their bikes as they rode through the aisles.

In a clip taken by one of the thugs, another gang member is heard saying: "Yo we're riding through Asda right now!"

Skidding past shoppers and almost crashing into them, one shouts: "Uh oh".

The laughing youths continue performing tricks and stunts their bicycles gaining more speed as they zoom past shop corners.

Some tried to block them with their trolleys, but the gang retaliated with violence.

One of them was seen wrestling an elderly lady with his friend shouting "get off him, get off him" and another appeared to punch a man in the chest.

A shopper can be heard shouting: "Security please to the fresh aisle!"

When they left, one of the youths shouted at the camera: "Crazy! In and out of Asda real quick. That was actually sick.

"Make sure you like and subscribe yeah?"

The two minute clip is part of a longer video, showing footage of the gang causing trouble around the seaside town.

One part of the video shows the gang skidding in between cars on a busy road, holding up traffic and infuriating oncoming drivers.

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Asda horror as couple discover ‘rotting strawberry’ is actually frog in punnet

Luke, from Barnsley in South Yorkshire, said: “I wasn’t shocked there was a frog there because you’ve heard the stories before, but I was shocked it was still alive more than anything.

“It had an eventful trip around the UK from Scotland, ended up in Barnsley of all places, and it happened to myself.

“I’m relieved it has been released and is okay. It would have been sad if it had died.

“We’ve named it Kermit.

“She didn’t look inside the box, clearly, because the frog was hidden at the time.

“We put it in, and carried on shopping. We got home and were unpacking the strawberries.

“My missus thought it was a manky strawberry at first, until she looked closely and realised it was a frog and it was staring back at her.

“She screamed, ‘no way, what on earth’. I ran into the kitchen and asked what’s up, and she shouted, ‘there’s a frog in my strawberries’.

“I didn’t believe her at first and she said, ‘I’m being serious’. It wasn’t until I looked for myself that I realised there actually was.

“My missus turned the tap on and put some water in through the holes because it was a sealed box.

“I left it sealed. I contacted ASDA and they said to bring it back.

“There were a couple of strawberries that had been nibbled. You could tell it had been eating the strawberries.

“The strawberries were Scottish strawberries so the frog had travelled all over the country.

“From Scotland to Barnsley it’s still a four-hour drive, and then obviously it’s gone through all the process of packaging.

“How long has it been in the van for? How long had it been on the shelf? I picked it up. It had been stuck in that packaging for quite a while until we picked it up.”

Luke shared the images online where it received more than 3,284 likes, comments and shares.

He claims they returned Kermit to ASDA where it was taken away to be tested and released back into the wild once it had been judged to be a British amphibian.

An Asda spokesperson said: “All of our fresh fruit and veg is grown naturally so inevitably we get some visitors tagging along for the ride.

“This little guy clearly loved our Scottish strawberries a little too much, but we would like to reassure customers that regular checks are carried out to maintain our quality standards.

“We’d like to thank Mr Bown for returning our little friend and are pleased to confirm he’s now hopped off to find a happy new home.”

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