Who’s on Have I Got News for You tonight as the show returns for its 58th series – The Sun

HAVE I Got News For You is back with its 58th series TONIGHT and this season the guests are better than ever.

Team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton are back with a bang, but who will be their team mates? Here's all you need to know.

When is Have I Got News For You back?

It returns to our screens tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

It will run for nine half-hour episodes, airing weekly.

Tonight's episode will star Martin Clunes from Doc Martin and Men Having Badly – who is a regular guest on the panel.

Speaking to BT TV Ian said: “He’s done it so often, so he’s an incredibly good host and he was very good as a guest. I remember one of the first times he came on as a guest I thought how effortless he was.

“Recently, he was very funny about the Duke of Edinburgh trying to be polite to the Chinese leader on a state visit and the Queen having to tape over his mouth. He doesn’t mind a bit of trouble.

“He told Grayson Perry that his make-up was no good, which takes a certain amount of bravery.”

Who are the guests this series?

Alongside Martin Clunes, Ian and Paul will be joined by comedian Sara Pascoe and Lib Dem MP Layla Moran.

alking about his ideal guest bookings, Ian said: “I think it would be quite funny to get Jacob Rees Mogg to come on and see if he wants to lie across two chairs. And then we could have Boris on, and he could just lie.

“Lady Hale, now that’s my ideal guest. You know, Spiderwoman.

"I think she’d be very good in the chair. Once you’ve done the hosting job in the Supreme Court, I think there’s nowhere else to go… and she’ll be very impartial, I’m sure. As I am.”


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‘At least you got pregnant’ – the 7 things you should NEVER say to parents who’ve lost a baby – The Sun

IT'S arguably one of the hardest things anyone can face – losing a child.

Yet, it's more common than most people realise.

Baby loss can take many, agonising forms – miscarriage, stillbirth and ectopic pregnancies to name a few.

One in four couples will have to face losing a baby to miscarriage – before 23 weeks, according to the charity Tommy's.

And for some women life can be even more cruel with one in 100 suffering recurrent miscarriages, defined as three in a row.

Meanwhile, ectopic pregnancies – where an embryo implants outside the womb – happen in around 11 in 1,000 pregnancies.

And one in every 225 pregnancies end in stillbirth – that's nine stillborn babies born each day in the UK.

Behind these statistics lies incalculable heartache and trauma.

For many, who suffer a miscarriage before the 12-week mark, this can be a trauma they cope with silently, having not shared their news with family and friends.

Many who haven't been touched by such tragedy can be tactless. Or worse, they can make extremely hurtful remarks adding pain to the existing trauma

Yet, for those who do share their tragic loss, it can be hard to face the well-meaning reactions of loved ones.

It's hard to understand the depth of loss, unless you've experienced baby loss yourself, Dr Pam Spurr, a self-help expert warns.

"Unfortunately, many who haven't been touched by such tragedy can be tactless," she told  The Sun.

"Or worse, they can make extremely hurtful remarks adding pain to the existing trauma."

To mark Baby Loss awareness week Dr Pam has compiled a series of things to avoid saying to loved ones who have lost their baby – and tips that can help.

She added: "There are things you can do to be supportive and, trust me, parents going through baby loss need your support."

Here Dr Pam shares the seven things to avoid saying…

1. 'You can try again'

Don't you get it? They have just lost their baby.

They want – and need – to grieve for that baby. They don't want to think about the future, they're in too much pain right now.

And they want you to know their baby counted.

2. 'It wasn't really a baby'

Often, when a woman suffers a miscarriage early in her pregnancy, they can be met with the response that, it wasn't a real baby because they lost it so soon.

Nope, it was their baby.

It was their hopes and dreams for a happy pregnancy and birth of a child that you have just batted away with a few cruel words.

3. 'Everything happens for a reason'


Is there really some mystical reason out there in the universe that means their baby didn't count?

Such platitudes are hugely damaging.

4. 'At least you got pregnant'

Yes, she did get pregnant. And yes, some people can't even get that far.

But then she lost her longed-for and much-loved baby.

It's never a consolation prize, and by saying 'at least you got pregnant', that's exactly what you're suggesting.

It's well meaning, but in the midst of a couple's tragic loss, it can just add to their heartbreak.

5. 'At least you already have kids'

Does already being a parent somehow mean you don't care about the next baby you hoped for?

Does it mean these parents don't feel the weight of pain at losing a baby?

No, of course not.

They're grieving like any childless couple would be, and comments like this dismiss their grief.

6. 'You're young, you've got time'

The idea that time is on your side, is not a comforting one when you've just lost a baby.

Suggesting that further down the line, this won't matter is wrong.

Just because someone is young doesn't mean baby loss hurts any the less.

Whatever your age, the love for the baby growing inside of you is the same.

And so the grief at losing them, is just as agonising.

7. 'It was only your first attempt'

Does that really mean this baby didn't count?
Just because it is a couple's first pregnancy, doesn't mean it means less to them.

Every baby matters, and every baby is loved.

So what can you do to help?

1. Be honest and simply say you're lost for words – it's far better than saying something that will cause more upset

2. Tell them you're there for them

3. Ask how you can help

4. Tell them you don't want to intrude on their grief but that you're there to lend an ear and a shoulder to cry on

5. Remember saying 'time heals' doesn't help – it's better to say, 'I don't know what to say'

6. Don't stay silent and say nothing – that can be worse than anything, it makes such a difference to hear someone is there for you

7. Suggest they check out charities like Tommy's and Saving Goodbye for advice, support and information.

You can follow Dr Pam Spurr on Twitter here.

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Miley Cyrus Got A Private Concert From Her “BF” Cody Simpson In The Hospital

Miley Cyrus’ latest health setback has become an opportunity for her to share how she’s feeling about her new beau. As she shared on Instagram, Cody Simpson visited Cyrus in the hospital while she’s recovering from tonsillitis. The Australian singer arrived at her hospital room on Oct. 8 with roses and his guitar to perform an original song he had wrote for Cyrus. And, not only did he make Cyrus feel "much better," but hewas even identified as her "bf" on Insta, indicating that this relationship is more serious than it first appeared.

Cyrus was hospitalized on Tuesday for tonsillitis. She’s been keeping her fans updated on her health via Twitter and Instagram, asking fans to send her good vibes and showing off visits from her mom, Tish Cyrus. But the biggest dose of good vibes came courtesy of her new beau. As seen on her Instagram Story, the Cody Simpson and the Tide band leader serenaded her with a song he wrote for her, called "Golden Thing." Simpson also shared a video of him singing to Cyrus on her hospital bed.singing, "It’s a golden thing she’s got" while he strummed an acoustic guitar at Cyrus’ beside. Cyrus proclaimed it’s "my favorite song ever" and her Instagram Story had even more video footage of the song.

"Suddenly I am feeling much better," Cyrus wrote over her video post of his song. She called "Golden Thing" the "sweeeeeetest song," and proclaimed she wanted Simpson to share it with the world. "It’s too special to be only heard in full by my ears, so I am currently pressuring him to DROP IT next week…& it’s working #GoldenThing," she added.

This may not be the first time that Simpson was moved to create art based on his brief courtship with Cyrus. On his poetry Instagram, Prince Neptune, Simpson shared a poem that fans assumed was about Cyrus. The poem referenced Elvis Presley, which, as noted by E! News, could relate to their recent date spent watching the movie Blue Hawaii. Cyrus and Simpson also discussed his love of Elvis in her hospital posts. "You can’t take this guy anywhere," Cyrus teasingly said, to which Simpson replied, "I just rip some Elvis everywhere I go."

Rumors that Cyrus and Simpson were dating began Oct. 3 when they were spotted kissing in a Los Angeles grocery store. This came after her breakup with Kaitlynn Carter, whom Cyrus dated for a month following her split from husband Liam Hemsworth in August. But the pair have known each other for years with Simpson calling Cyrus "one of my best friends" in a 2015 interview with GQ Australia. A 15-year-old Simpson even said he had a crush on Cyrus all the way back in 2012. So while their romantic relationship has accelerated quickly, they have a long history.

When her split with Carter was announced, a source told People that Cyrus didn’t want a "serious relationship." Nevertheless, Cyrus calling Simpson her "BF" (or boyfriend) on Instagram could hint to a more serious romance brewing. No matter their official status, Cyrus has made it clear that her private relationships aren’t for the public to judge and for now, she’s just enjoying being serenaded by her new boyfriend.

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‘Rapist dad got his blind daughter, 14, pregnant months after her mum died of cancer’

He was arrested by cops at his home in the Di Nau village of the Tam Nong District of north-eastern Vietnam’s Phu Tho Province after tests allegedly proved he was the father of the baby.

His 14-year-old daughter had earlier left school, claiming she was too ill to attend classes, but worried teachers visited her at home and realised she was heavily pregnant.

When the girl later gave birth to a baby girl police launched an investigation after teachers and education officials reported their concerns about her welfare.

Last year, her mother died of breast cancer and the local community rallied round to support the poverty-stricken father and his four children, giving them money to help them make ends meet.

Her dad fell into despair after the death of his wife and allegedly spent much of the money on gambling and booze.

The girl’s grandmother said the teenager was blind and suffered from learning difficulties because of a genetic condition that the whole family have, who are all partially sighted.

She added that the family was so poor that all the children shared one bed and that she did not know how they would manage with an extra baby to feed and no man in the house.

A spokesman for the Di Nua Commune People’s Committee said local people would try to support the girl, her three younger sisters and their two-year-old brother.

But he added that local people had previously given the family 400 million VND (£13,690) after their mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Some of the money had been spent on the sick woman’s treatment and paying off the family’s debts – but the victim’s father had spent the rest on gambling and drink, the spokesman said.

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How This Man Got Back into the Gym After Being Paralyzed by a Motorcycle Accident

The accident happened on a June day sometime around noon, though Jason Ross tells Men’s Health that he doesn’t recall much from that morning. He remembers that it was a Sunday, that it was sunny, and that it was a perfect morning for a ride. Ross had parked his motorcycle at his brother’s house, so he and his son took the car to pick up the bike. Ross then hopped on his motorcycle. His son took off in the car. The two drove on, son in front, father behind.

They drove on together until a traffic light separated them. Jason Jr. later told his father that when he had turned back, the bike was gone. He must have gone for a joy ride, the son thought. His father was always active and independent like that, often waking up early, before Jason and his brother, Jacob. He would hit the gym, come home, and get ready for work. After work and school, the three would hang out. Then Ross would go back to the gym. Jason checked behind once more, but his father was still absent.

Back at the intersection, as the red light turned green, Ross turned left to follow his son in the car. But a vehicle sped up in front of him, trying to cut him off. Ross swerved. He lost control and went barreling toward a curb. Then, he says everything went black.

When Ross awoke, he was lying on his back. He saw familiar faces. Ross worked as a volunteer fire fighter in town, and his friends now crowded around him, the first responders. There was an ambulance with them. Ross says he wondered if Jason saw the accident. He prayed he did not. Things began to blur as he was lifted into the ambulance. “Why can’t I move my legs? Why can I move my feet?” he remembers asking. Then, he was being pushed toward a helicopter to Yale New Haven Hospital, where he was taken into surgery.

“I didn’t understand what had happened. Why am I not moving? Why am I here? Why is this happening?

Ross had suffered a T12 spinal cord injury. The surgeon implanted metal rods and twelve screws to stabilize Ross’s spine. By the time Ross awoke, he was paralyzed from the waist down.

“I didn’t understand what had happened,” Ross says. “Why am I not moving? Why am I here? Why is this happening? These thoughts turned to: This is not actually happening; this is not real; I’m just going to wake up; it’s a bad dream. And then: Oh my god, this is reality. Now what’s going to happen? How am I going to take care of my kids? How am I going to continue working? How am I going to go on in life? What’s the point of even living anymore?

Jason Ross

Ross was told that the other car just kept driving, and no one had identified the driver. He had fire and police friends look into it, but their search came up empty.

The first time Ross’s boys came to see him, he remembers they were noticeably distressed at seeing their father in his bed-ridden state. He felt their dejection. But then a couple weeks later, when they walked into his room, Ross saw something different. They were positive. They asked questions. Their attitudes helped to flip a switch in Ross. “They showed me that they’re still happy, that they know what happened, and that they’re gonna make the best of it,” he says. “I thought to myself: Stop being negative, stop being down, and show them that life goes on.”

Ross dropped his search for the perpetrator.

He spent two months in rehab before going home for the first time. He had to learn everything again, almost every activity he once thought normal. The new normal became his greatest challenge. “I don’t know what was in me,” he says, reflecting on those first months. “I don’t know how I was able to fully push it all aside and take it head on and go.”

Friends came to renovate Ross’s basement to make it more wheelchair accessible. Ross was able to work from home and adapt his vehicle with hand controls. He could drive. He could continue with his job at the bank. But Ross was inactive and frustrated. Finally, after being motivated by his kids, Ross went back to the gym.

Ross now works out with his two sons every day
Matt Kraines

“When I started going back to the gym, I was unsure of what I can do,” he remembers. “I got on the bench and started to do just the bar. My kids were there helping stabilize me by holding my legs. I was able to do the bar, and I was like: okay! I threw two 45 plates on. I was surprised that I was able to get a good number of reps in. So I started going up in weight. I was like: Man, I got no lower half, but my upper body is still here. I’m still here.”

Ross remembered his first days in rehab at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare. The day he was admitted the Gaylord Sports Association was holding a 5k obstacle course race. He remembered watching the competition then, his nurse beside him. “That could be you next year,” he had been told. He didn’t believe it. In January, six months after the accident, Ross returned for some physical therapy. He saw a sign on a bulletin board for the race. He thought to himself: hey, why not?

The race gave Ross a goal. Though he was able to lift weights, he had lost ability to use his core, making many movements impossible. His cardiovascular strength was also depleted. Ross changed his diet to accommodate. He turned to a high-protein diet–boiled eggs in the morning with oatmeal, small snacks every few hours to curb hunger (fruit and veggies), and then healthy lunches and dinners. He would push himself on trail hikes with his boys, allowing his heart rate to rise without allowing himself to rest.

Ross taking on the 5k race.
Matt Kraines

On June 22, almost exactly a year after the accident, Ross completed the Gaylord 5k. His sons and brother ran beside him. “The look on their faces when I accomplished my goal of crossing the finish line–no words can explain,” says Ross, proudly. “And I can see in them looking at me: Oh my God, dad, you still did it. Nothing is more uplifting.”

Ross has already tackled rock climbing and archery. And he hopes to keep going: basketball, kayaking, waterskiing, rugby–all in his future.

There was a time in the hospital when Ross wondered how he might find the motivation to live. But then he had the realization. “There was no point in dwelling on the negatives,” he says. “It’s time to make the best of the situation. My kids motivated me to get up and do what I had to do. And then I was like, hey listen, I’m going to embrace what happened. I’m going to go forward.”

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Who got the Golden Buzzer last night on America’s Got Talent?

Another Golden Buzzer was awarded on America’s Got Talent last night. Episode 4 of Season 14 for AGT was another night of auditions, with the four judges deciding which acts would make it to the next round.

During the previous episode, it was Tyler Butler-Figueroa who received the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell. Before that, judge Howie Mandel gave singer Joseph Allen the Golden Buzzer. During the season premiere, new AGT judge Gabrielle Union rewarded singer Kodi Lee.

Terry Crews gives out AGT Golden Buzzer

The Detroit Youth Choir took the stage and blew away the judges and audience with a rendition of Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The video below shows exactly what happened when they wrapped up the stellar performance.

Terry Crews used his Golden Buzzer to send the Detroit Youth Choir straight through to the live shows. They become the fourth act that has received the honor this season. If the reactions from the judges and audience are any indication, the choir might be a contender to win the show this summer.

Another impressive Golden Buzzer performance

Season 14 of AGT has been a remarkable season for singers and the Detroit Youth Choir joined the ranks of the elite performers this season. The video below shows the backstage reactions of the latest group to make it from the auditions.

Now that Howie Mandell, Gabrielle Union, Simon Cowell, and Terry Crews have given out their Golden Buzzers, that leaves just Julianne Hough. She will likely get a chance to do it during the next episode.

One the audition phase of Season 14 comes to an end, the toughest task will be placed in front of the judges. That’s where they have to decide which acts that have advanced deserve a spot in the voting by America.

For now, Detroit Youth Choir, Kodi Lee, Joseph Allen, and Tyler Butler-Figueroa are the early favorites to be named the AGT Season 14 winner.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday nights on NBC at 8/7c.

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Barbara Palvin Once Got Upset, Cried After BF Dylan Sprouse Cooked Her Dinner

No good deed goes unpunished? Victoria’s Secret Angel Barbara Palvin admitted exclusively to Us Weekly that she once got upset after her boyfriend, Dylan Sprouse, cooked a homemade meal for them to enjoy.

“I was stressed, and so he decided to cook for me, orange chicken,” the runway strutter, 25, recalled to Us while discussing the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue alongside Olivia Culpo, Jasmine Sanders, Danielle Herrington and Kelsey Merritt on Thursday, May 9. “But we did the grocery shopping together and I wanted to cook that, so I got mad. I was like, ‘I wanted to cook that, if you want to cook something for me, cook something else.’”

Naturally, her 26-year-old beau was confused. “He was like, ‘I just wanted to be nice.’ I”m like, ‘I know… and I’m busting out in tears, I’m like, ‘I’m so sorry, thank you for the food.’”

Culpo, 27, interrupted Palvin, 25, joking, “’I wanted to make it.’ Who would ever say that?”

“I know,” she replied. “And then he dared to do the dishes.”

The model blamed her high-stress gig for her outburst. “This job is stressful, so that’s why I got mood swings because of that,” she explained. “I can be a pain.”

Luckily, Sprouse’s understanding nature “helps a lot.” “Dylan is very supportive, too,” she gushed, adding that there is “minimal jealousy” in their relationship.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody alum even brought his woman food after she walked the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2018. “He did the diet with me or the working out and everything before the VS show,” she recalled. “When we were done, he arrived to the carpet with Shake Shack burgers and got some for my friends, too.”

Sprouse got super real with Us about the effects of their diet in November. “We’ve been eating a lot of cauliflower and a lot of broccoli,” he told Us. “We are very fit right now, but our farts smell very bad! We’re ripped, but we fart like horses, so it’s great.”

The pair also discussed cooking with W magazine in February. “We actually both cook,” Sprouse said, adding, “She’s better than me.”

“No, I just cook more,” Palvin responded. “But he’s better. I know how to cook with few ingredients and make it healthy, because that’s what I had to do for VS. But when he cooks, he uses everything yummy and unhealthy, so his always tastes better. I’m like, ‘Here’s broccoli and cauliflower soup made with water!’”

The duo moved in together after less than one year of dating in January. “Two worms officially in the big apple,” the underwear spokeswoman captioned an Instagram photo of herself with her man post move-in.

As she told W in February: “With Dylan, everything seemed so easy. We had the same interests, and jokes were hitting at the right spot, and he didn’t think I was disgusting or anything.”

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is on newsstands now.

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Dark Phoenix makes GoT seem ‘sort of normal’

Her face cracks with shafts of light, her body swirls with fire and her eyes light up like golden lamps. There isn’t a lot of real-life experience to draw on, says Sophie Turner, when transforming from regular telepathic mutant Jean Grey into the malevolent Dark Phoenix, the X-Men’s version of a good girl gone bad. On screen her chin dips, the lamp eyes switch on and she reaches out to zap her assailants with lightning bolts of destruction. “You feel like an idiot doing it really,” Turner laughs. “You’re just standing there waving your arms around in front of a green screen. You have to use a lot of imagination.”

Sophie Turner listened to sad songs to help her prepare for the role of Dark Phoenix.Credit:

Turner is about as habituated to fantasy worlds as anybody could be, having played Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones since she was 12. As Sansa, she went through every imaginable trial – seeing her father beheaded, being raped by her barbaric second husband then watching him be torn apart by dogs at her own command when she finally gathered the strength to become a leader of men herself – but as she says, these were horrors grounded in the real history of the Wars of the Roses. “Game of Thrones is sort of normal, bar the dragons.”

In the more cosmically disordered Dark Phoenix, the story goes that the X-Men are sent to rescue some astronauts marooned in space – a regular mission, conducted heroically – when Jean is hit by a solar flare. It should kill her, apparently, but it doesn’t. “That solar flare basically is within her and is kind of this burning energy that needs to come out. Which it does, in very destructive ways. She will be containing it, but it will make her do something irrational, very spontaneously. And the more Phoenix she gets, the better she feels; it’s almost like she goes into a meditative euphoric state when she fully Phoenixes out. The movie is kind of about her unravelling and the X-Men sort of unravelling too.”

With no real-world gauge of how to behave in a Phoenix-like fashion, she and Simon Kinberg – who, having written two previous films in the current X-Men series, Days of Future Past and Apocalypse, has taken over the franchise director’s chair from the disgraced Bryan Singer – developed what she calls the Phoenix scale. “We originally had photographic representations of what that would be like, just to kind of help me imagine what level it’s at,” Turner says. “Obviously we couldn’t see the visual effects, but they would draw the things that were happening to my hair and my face and eyes. By looking at the photos I would be able to tell just how far gone she is.”

The X-Men have had mixed fortunes on screen. Jean Grey’s Phoenix story, taken from the original comics, was just one strand of X-Men: The Last Stand in the X-Men series that ran from 2000 to 2014, with Famke Janssen playing the role. Kinberg was one of the writers on The Last Stand but said later he was not happy with it – a view shared by critics and hard-core fans – and that he would like to have another crack at the Dark Phoenix story.

After Days of Future Past reset the dial for some characters (Wolverine goes back in time and erases Jean’s death) the way was clear. Turner was introduced in Apocalypse as the young Jean Grey, beginning to explore her powers. The new film is entirely given over to her story. “This Dark Phoenix movie is very different from the earlier one,” says Turner. “It’s kind of like Logan in that it’s more emotional, very character driven, very grounded, very different from other spectacular X-men movies.” She made herself a playlist to get her in the right spirit for Dark Phoenix that consisted almost entirely of sad ballads. “Because I cried the majority of the movie.”

Jessica Chastain (left) as Vuk and Sophie Turner in Dark Phoenix.Credit:

Turner could not be described as the star of the labyrinthine Game of Thrones, with its complex plots and counter-plots and host of characters, but her trajectory from victim to commander was probably the most emotionally charged of all of them. Off screen was at least as traumatic, since she was obliged to traverse adolescence in the full glare of the internet. Now 23, she has recently talked about how badly the critical scrutiny of the show’s unexpectedly massive number of followers affected her, plunging her into an eating disorder, depression and thoughts of suicide even as her character’s heroism in the face of brutality inspired her.

It was Sansa’s wedding-night rape that helped reconcile her to that online hinterland, in fact. She was only 16 when that scene was shot. Legions of fans declared its brutality gratuitous and declared that they would stop watching the show. “There was kind of like a huge blow-out on Twitter and all over the media, talking about how we shouldn’t be showing that, it’s totally disgraceful, that kind of thing,” she says. “And it got me really thinking about why we shouldn’t have these discussions when this is happening every single day. Why can’t we talk about this?”

I have a message to get across and social media has been so amazing for that.

Her fury turned her into an activist; she joined an organisation called Women for Women that provided practical help and counselling to women raped in war, travelling to Rwanda to become the organisation’s public face. It also gave a point to her Instagram account, which has 12 million followers. “I have a message to get across and social media has been so amazing for that. I’ll never be OK with it, but I will definitely utilise it for the good things.”

She knows she will miss Sansa. “I don’t know if I’ll ever fully part with her. But it is very difficult to do that, to kind of consciously say goodbye. It’s very difficult. And to say goodbye to everyone else and their characters,” she says. “I’ve never felt more empowered than when I’ve been in my Sansa costume on the set of Winterfell. That’s where I felt most comfortable always – and that’s what I’ll definitely miss the most.”

Dark Phoenix is now screening.

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Sophie Pecora On America’s Got Talent: Bullied teen raps for judges, overcomes fears

Sophie Pecora began her America’s Got Talent journey on Tuesday night. Her first time on the AGT stage was for the new group of judges, but she did well to overcome her fears in front of the large audience.

Pecora provided her back story of singing in front of mirrors when she was younger and feeling insecure about making friends. That led to her posting YouTube videos online and singing original songs.

She explained she was on the show to share a song about her experiences and make it clear to everyone that it is something a lot of people go through in their daily lives.

Below is the full introduction and performance for Sophie Pecora during the Season 14 premiere of America’s Got Talent.

Sophie Pecora on AGT season premiere

Her dream is to perform her own songs and to tour around the world. If her performance from the first episode of 2019 is any indication of what she can do, then Sophie Pecora could very well be touring the world soon.

It’s always a risk to perform an original song in front of the AGT judges, but she made the right decision this time around. Sometimes original songs turn into hits, whereas other artists need to stick with singing recognizable tracks. Pecora is clearly in the former group.

It was an emotional and raw performance from Sophie Pecora and one that carries the strongest message possible. Not only was this an impressive performance, but it is something that so many people will be able to relate to that she could be the favorite to make it to the end of the summer 2019 season.

The four judges unanimously voted to send Sophie on to the next round. It was almost disappointing that she didn’t receive the Golden Buzzer, as she performed well enough to earn it. Maybe next time.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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