The Apprentice boardroom secrets exposed by fire contestant

The Apprentice is one of the most iconic reality small screen shows in British TV history.

Having spawned cringe one-liners, Lord Sugar's sassy quips, along with contestants running around the capital trying to flog their handmade wares, the TV show's boardroom scenes are, undoubtedly, television gold.

Despite it looking like the contestants make their way to Canary Wharf, the boardroom scenes actually take place in a studio in the leafy west London suburbs due to the amount of crew members needed to film the tense moments.

Dishing the hot behind-the-scenes gossip, Kenner Ngoma, 24, who because the second person fired from this year's series, spoke exclusively to Daily Star Online about the filming process.

"We film the whole boardroom scenes for like three to four hours.

"Honestly, for about three hours and 59 minutes I didn't think I was going," he added.

And breaking up the time, the losing team are always sent to a nearby café for a cuppa while discussing where it all went wrong.

However, Kenner revealed the stint in the eatery "elongates the whole day" because of the time you're stewing with your hot beverage.

"You're in there about two hours. You've lost, and then you've got to do two hours in the café, and then you've got another two hours in the boardroom. It's so long."

Speaking about the gruelling schedule and early morning starts, Kenner admitted the 4am starts "aren't a lie".

"We genuinely have to get up at 4am. Every single day that I filmed we were up between 4-5am.

"And we get in around 11pm and we have to do it all again.

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"You try and do as much as possible the night before, so in the morning you try and do as little as possible because you have to be downstairs in 20 minutes," he explained.

"For most of the lads we literally wait for the phone call and try and work out logistics on who can get in the bathroom first."

The Apprentice airs on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesdays

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I hated living in Apprentice house and was terrified it could be career suicide

Going on The Apprentice and fighting it out in the boardroom to be Lord Sugar's next business partner was never Jackie Fast's dream.

In fact, she only applied out of boredom after making herself take a year off from her multiple successful businesses to focus on herself and try new things.

While she loved the idea of tacking the challenges the show throws at its determined and competitive candidates, she was worried it could be "career suicide".

Speaking to Mirror Online, the Canadian entrepreneur said:   "If it wasn't on TV I would have done it years ago.

"I would do it again, but it was never my dream. I was all about the experience, I don't take myself so seriously.

"To be able to do ten different jobs over a couple of months is a really unique experience.

"I'm really passionate about being a really successful business person and I think this experience is a unique opportunity to try my hand at different skills."

Despite loving the process of the hit BBC show, Jackie says she couldn't stand living in the London mansion with all the other candidates.

She said: "I hated living in the house.

"I'm 35, I don't want to sharing a bedroom. I haven't lived with three people in one room ever.

"It's just personal space. It's like living in a locker room.

"Everyone wants to look their best because it's on TV but there are three mirrors, so there are logistics issues.

"You're all running around and there is no time. And there are camera crews. It's mayhem."

But Jackie is clear to point out her hatred of living in the house had nothing to do with her fellow candidates, who she says were "lovely".

"Everyone was so nice, we still have a WhatsApp group and talk all the time. We had a really good time but it was just challenging."

Jackie has a number of successful businesses, including the first UK company to sell ice wine, but she still found parts of the show challenging.

She said: "I had to really fight for my voice to be heard and my opinion to matter.

"In my normal world people know who I am and they care about what I have to say. But here nobody knew me from Adam. It was humbling.

"It was interesting having to build trust with people who I had no history with. It was definitely something I took from it.

"I don't think my initial approach was the best. I was a bit naive to understanding how badly people wanted this.

"I just wanted the experience, I was so excited to do the tasks, but for some of those people this was a huge opportunity for them.

"I would approach it differently now, I would be a bit more sensitive."

And things weren't any quieter when filming was finished and the show was on TV.

"It was crazy. I would have 1,500 DMs on a Thursday morning.

"I was one of the older candidates. They were on it, responding to everybody but I was like this is just not feasible.

"It was really overwhelming but it was great."

But her pathway to being on the show was slightly unusual.

With a number of successful but demanding businesses to her name Jackie, who also gives motivational talks encouraging people to be more ballsy in their careers, decided to give herself a year off to focus on herself.

"I hadn't even had time to go to the dentist. I just thought, this is going to be my year.

"I just wanted to do everything. I went to Burning Man, I got married, I took up dog walking."

While she loved her year off, she found herself bored at home a lot of the time which is how she ended up filling out The Apprentice application form.

"To go from working as hard as I had been doing to nothing was a big challenge for me.

"As part of doing nothing and being super bored, I watched the last series of The Apprentice and I said I should just apply.

"I thought, I wonder what the application is like. When I got asked to the audition, it was an opportunity to fill time with something.

"When I got on I was like 'holy s***'.

"I was really hesitant when I got on, I already had a pretty successful career. I thought it might be career suicide."

But now back in her normal world, Jackie is back with a bang with her new ice wine brand REBEL PI.

The wine is only produced in Canada, and it's a long and complicated process which makes it a very special product.

The grapes stay frozen until they are crushed, with just one drop of liquid in each grape. A normal wine gets about 10 drops from each grape.

Jackie said: "It is fabulous.

"Drinking one glass of ice wine is like tasting 10 glasses of white. It's all about the flavour.

"I've grown up with ice wine, it's very common to have it at Christmas as a treat, much like Brits have sherry or port."

However she realised it wasn't enjoyed around the world when she left her native Canada and spent 16 years working in different countries for work.

So now she wants to introduce Brits to the product she loves so much, and her passion for the wine is obvious when chatting to her.

She said: "It's very rare to experience a 'first' or really have something you've never done before.

"To be able to bring not only the story, but to find it's giving somebody something they've never had before and they're going to really enjoy. To do that in the food and drink business is unheard of.

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Apprentice’s Jemelin Artigas ‘punched unconscious for rejecting man’s advances’

The Apprentice star Jemelin Artigas was punched unconscious on a night out with her friend for rejecting a man's advances, the businesswoman has claimed.

Jemelin, who is part of this year's BBC show lineup, was knocked out cold outside a club in central London last September after telling her alleged attacker to leave her alone.

Sharing her traumatic story on Facebook last year, Jemelin posted a picture of her swollen and bruised face and revealed her best friend had chased the assailant down the street to try and catch up.

"Yesterday I went out with my beastie had such a good night until I was attacked punched and knocked down unconscious on the middle of the street!" she wrote to her followers.

"For a guy to do this to a women just because I told him to go way is just so messed up this happened last night at around 2 am in brewer street my beastie aka angel Cheryl Robertson run three blocks down to try and get him but couldn't if anyone had similar situation or know who this guy's could be please message me I am going to the police to make a statement but I will make sure he never does this to anyone else!!!!"

It's believed the alleged attack happened outside The Box nightclub in Soho – and while there was CCTV footage available, police were never able to catch the suspect.

Jemelin smashed her head into the concrete pavement in the attack and was knocked unconscious for refusing to give the man her number.

Club staff dragged her inside to their office where she regained consciousness, but the beauty guru had to go to A&E three days later with concussion.

The alleged attack left her with long-lasting emotional damage too, with Jemelin saying she needed professional help to treat her anxiety.

"I found the months after the attack really hard. I didn't want to go out or walk outside alone. I had constant panic attacks and never felt safe," she told the Sun .

"I also suffered from nightmares and had very low moods, but was lucky to be referred for counselling to help me deal with the incident.

"I am now much more cautious and aware of my surroundings. I no longer walk around late at night by myself and I always carry an alarm with me."

Jemelin moved to the UK as a 17-year-old and found work as a restaurant cleaner. Despite speaking no English, she managed to move up to manager and later launched her own beauty business.

The 34-year-old mum of one is now hoping to beat 15 other entrepreneurs to win Lord Sugar's favour and take home the £250,000 investment prize when The Apprentice returns with its brand new series tomorrow night.

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The Appprentice’s Alan Sugar slammed over Jo Cox ‘ranting women’ tweet

Lord Alan Sugar has caused controversy on Twitter again.

The Apprentice presenter took to Twitter today to defend Prime Minister Boris Johnson over his comments about Jo Cox, the MP murdered during the EU referendum campaign, this week.

Boris has been urged to apologise by many after saying the best way to honour Jo Cox was to "get Brexit done" – including Labour MP Paula Sherriff.

However, Lord Sugar defended Boris today.

Witnessed by his 5.3million followers, the business mogul wrote: "I am not getting the reason for demanding Boris to apologise.

"It was the ranting women who first brought Joe Cox name up in the chamber."

Believed to be talking about Ms Sherriff, he added: "The woman in particular ranted like an insane person."

"If anyone should apologise it should be her. She was addressing the PM of the UK."

One Twitter user replied: "Alan Sugar slowly morphing into that guy who used to present the American Apprentice."

While another added: "This tweet displays a lack of empathy, maybe that is what is needed to succeed in business?"

A third said: "Let’s not forget that it’s the language used by Johnson that caused this to happen. It’s his words that people are using when attacking MPs."

While a fourth chimed in: "Really? Using the murder of a woman, to further his own political agenda. Seriously Lord Sugar?"

Some were on Lord Sugar's side though. One told him: "Spot on. Exactly what I thought."

While another added: "Spot on Lord Sugar, all orchestrated."

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The Apprentice contestant opens up about past trouble over handling stolen goods

Essex pillow salesman Thomas Skinner has insisted he's a different person from the "young and naive" man who was convicted of handling stolen goods in 2011.

“I was young and naive and bought stock from a source I didn’t know.

"I wasn’t aware the stock was stolen and paid the consequences for the mistake I made.

"That is now well in my past, and I have had a string of successful companies since then," he told The Sun.

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When the publication contacted the BBC they said were aware of Thomas’ previous history as part of their contractual background checks and his conviction is now spent.

A spokesman for the BBC told the Mirror: "DBS checks are done for all The Apprentice candidates by the production company ahead of filming. "

A spent conviction is not disclosed under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.

"Spent convictions are designed to help people move on in life and not be excluded from opportunities to help further their careers."

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Thomas joins a very diverse lineup of The Apprentice candidates this series.

Fellow hopeful Lewis Ellis has been revealed as an online prankster and fooled his followers into believing he had ended up in Syria when on holiday in Ayia Napa.

The digital marketing project manager once went for a swim in the pool at Manchester’s Trafford Centre.

The opening episode of the 15th series of the BBC show airs next week where viewers will see candidates fly to South Africa for their first task.

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The business hopefuls will be set one of the most challenging tasks ever; to create, set up snd run bespoke tours on the outskirts of Cape Town.

This series is also quite literally bigger than ever as the first episode will run for an additional five minutes as the BBC push back the News at Ten to make way for the 64-minute series premiere.

The Apprentice begins on BBC One on Wednesday, October 2.

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What is The Apprentice theme music, where is the BBC show filmed and five other things you might not know about the hit series

THE APPRENTICE has been a mainstay on the BBC autumn schedule for years.

Here are a few things you might not know about the show, including its iconic theme music and where the show is actually filmed…

Excited? Here are seven behind-the-scenes secrets that even the biggest Apprentice addicts probably wouldn’t know about…

Who composed the iconic theme tune?

The theme tune for The Apprentice is an excerpt from one of Prokofiev’s classical pieces.

Montagues and Capulets, Dance of The Knights, was composed for Act I, Scene II in the ballet of Romeo and Juliet.

As well as being used in the BBC series, the tune’s dark and atmospheric vibe has been picked up multiple times in recent years.

It provided the background music in the popular 1990s advert for Chanel’s Egoiste fragrance.

Prokofiev’s composition is also often used as Sunderland FC’s theme song to get fans and players geared up before a match.

The boardroom isn’t real

Although it may appear that candidates nervously shuffle into a towering office block to await their fate, the building is actually all a complete ruse.

All of the tense scenes are shot in a west London TV studio, even with a fake receptionist.

Lord Sugar’s real offices are located in Brentwood, Essex, which is a lot further away from the towering skyline of London.

All candidates have cover stories

After the candidates are selected for the televised competition, they are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

A clause of being on the show is that contestants can’t tell anyone they have been selected.

This often means they have to make up a cover story to get time off work from their employer.

In 2011, the late Stuart Baggs told Radio Times: "I lied… I said I'd gone to an oil rig to install communications gear, and didn't know how long I'd be away.

“Everyone has to come up with some sort of cover story."

Only one of Lord Sugar’s advisers hasn't worked for him

Lord Sugar doesn’t take the competition lightly, enlisting the help of his most trusted aids to follow the candidates through the tasks.

Feisty Claude Littner works as the chairman for IT company Viglen, which is owned by Amstrad.

Similarly, Nick Hewer used to work for a PR company that worked for Amstrad in 1983.

Finally, Margaret Mountford worked as a non-executive director for Amstrad.

Karren Brady is the only ever adviser to not have worked with Lord Sugar in real life.

Where is the iconic losers cafe?

All Apprentice viewers will remember the iconic café that glum candidates sit in once they’ve failed a task.

Surprisingly, these gloomy scenes are actually filmed in two London cafes.

One is The Bridge in Acton and the other is La Cabana 2 in Willesden.

Amusingly, The Apprentice fans often flock to The Bridge, and the dreary location actually has some dazzling reviews on TripAdvisor.

Fired candidates don't actually do the walk of shame

One thing more embarrassing than being fired by Lord Sugar is having to mope as you clamber into a taxi home.

Thankfully for the candidates, they don't have to experience both cringe-worthy moments on the same day.

All contestants do the taxi walk of shame on the first day of filming, not knowing whether the footage will ever be used or not.

Two endings are filmed

Ever wondered how news of The Apprentice winner never leaks before the final?

Lord Sugar has a way of keeping the competition so secret that not even the WINNER knows they have been chosen.

To keep the identity of the successful candidate hushed up, two alternate endings are filmed.

Often, Lord Sugar only decides on a winner the day before the final episode hits our TV screens.

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