Tammy Slaton is not the best at picking partners. In fact, some of her choices have landed her in hot water in the past. Now, on 1000-lb Sisters Season 3, she has a new beau named Phillip. Since Tammy’s last boyfriend, Jerry Sykes, ended up encouraging her to gain weight, Tammy’s family has been worried about Phillip. But TLC fans are concerned about Tammy’s boyfriend for a different reason.

Tammy’s boyfriend was on Dr. Phil before ‘1000-lb Sisters’

If Phillip shows up on 1000-lb Sisters, it won’t be his first time on television. He was previously on Dr. Phil due to the rift that dating bigger women had caused between him and his brother.

On the show, it was revealed that Phillip’s brother, Paul, would insult his dates when he brought them over.

“BBW is big, beautiful women,” Phillip said on the show. “The perfect size woman to me would be 5 foot 5 inches, 350 pounds, size 28. The bigger she is, the sexier she is.”

This upset Paul so much that it got in the way of him being close with his brother.

“My brother would actually have to stop dating big women for us to have a normal relationship,” Paul said on the show. “I don’t want other people to say, ‘Hey, look at his fat sister-in-law.’ I am worried that his kids will come out fat.”

In the end, Dr. Phil encouraged Phillip to cut his brother out of his life.

“He does not have the right to judge you,” Dr. Phil said to Phillip. “He doesn’t have the right to judge your choices, and he doesn’t have the right to judge the women that you choose to be with. And if he violates that boundary, then you’re just simply going to have to take him out of that part of your life.”

Fans worry that Phillip is only into Tammy for her size and fame

Since a fan discovered Phillip’s stint on Dr. Phil, viewers have been worried that he will not help Slaton lose weight.

“I can understand why her family is worried about Tammy dating the BBW king,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “The episode was strongly focused on how he didn’t want Tammy to weigh any less than 300 pounds, which right now seems irrelevant because of her size. But, I think the problem is much more than this. I saw a TikTok from him saying he likes women, ‘the bigger the better.‘ So, I have a hard time believing he is supportive of any weight loss at all.”

Other fans worried that Phillip was just in the relationship for the fame.

“I think he was into a potential business opportunity,” another person added. “Think about it – he’s created this whole persona around loving big women, and she’s probably one of the most famous of them right now. He wasn’t into building a relationship, he was building his brand. They were together for a few days, and suddenly, he’s running a merch store for her, acting like some kind of social media manager or something.”

Other fans were just sad for her.

She’s lonely and desperate and craves intimacy but she doesn’t realize she’s accepting the wrong kind of affection and attention from someone who has no interest in actually building a life with her,” one user wrote.

Tammy and the BBWKing on ‘1000-lb Sisters’

Fans who follow Slaton on TikTok know that her relationship with Phillip ended earlier this year. Whether the end of the relationship will play out onscreen or happened post-filming is yet to be seen.

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