Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé has finally arrived, and many fans are delighted for a fresh new show. This time around, there are a number of familiar couples as well as new ones to add to the mix. Brandon–27 and Julia–26 are extremely different, but they make it work.

This week, Brandon and Julia will finally reunite. We have all the information as well as the video showing it all play out.

Brandon and Julia met in a unique way

Brandon is from Dinwiddie, VA, and Julia is from Krasnodar, Russia. The couple met long-distance and soon decided to pursue seeing each other in person. Brandon’s best friend went to a club where Julia happened to be working as a go-go dancer. They saw each other over video chat, and a relationship soon followed. Brandon then traveled to Russia to see Julia after several weeks of talking, and he asked her to be is girlfriend.

After an attempt to get Julia a visitor’s visa and it getting shot down when Julia revealed Brandon was her boyfriend, she was told to apply for the K-1 visa instead. On Brandon’s second trip to see her, this time in Iceland, he proposed after five months of dating.

“There’s no shot of her getting a visitor’s visa, so it was either go for the K-1 visa, or just walk away from this thing, and I said let’s just go down this road, see where it goes,” Brandon explains. “This was really the only option.”

Despite the couple’s obvious differences – Brandon is from a small town that works on his parents’ farm, and Julia is from the city and works as a go-go dancer – they somehow make it work.

See Brandon and Julia’s sweet reunion

Julia has finally been approved on the K-1 visa, and she’s flying into Washington, D.C. to start a life with Brandon. They plan to live with his parents at first, which Julia isn’t super thrilled about. They’ll also will be staying in separate rooms, and Brandon hasn’t yet told his fiancé about that detail. Julia has met Brandon’s parents before, as they were introduced in France along with her parents after becoming engaged.

In a preview video of the upcoming episode, Brandon, complete with his mother, Betty, and his father, Ron, make it to the airport to see Julia walk toward them with all her suitcases and bags on a cart. Brandon has a bouquet of flowers, and he has a huge smile of his face as he eyes his future bride.

“There she is,” Brandon says with excitement.

Julia comes closer, smiling as well. “Oh my gosh,” Brandon adds. His parents also seem emotional about it, especially Betty.

Julia runs with her bags as she gets closer, and Betty tells her son to “go” a number of times. Julia comes toward Brandon with her arms outstretched, and they embrace as Julia goes in for a number of kisses. It’s actually kind of a sweet moment, even though Brandon’s parents are right there watching.

“Oh my god I missed you so much,” Brandon tells her when they hug again. They continue to kiss, clearly elated to be together again, and Brandon eventually hands over the flowers to Julia.

When they talk to the cameras about it, Brandon says he doesn’t “believe it,” and it’s “unreal” that she’s finally there.

“This is real?” Julia asks. “Pinch me.” Brandon does jokingly, and Julia pulls away and laughs.

Eventually, Julia runs toward Ron and Betty, hugging them at the same time. They all seem genuinely happy to all be together again, and it’s a sweet moment. Betty tells her they’re “so glad” she’s there, and Ron says he’s “so glad” to “see” her “finally.”

Watch more of the reunion in the video above, and catch the full episode of 90 Day Fiancé on Sunday on TLC at 8 p.m. E.S.T.

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