Late episode “SNL” sketch portrays parody Africa tourism ad featuring newly single women

One of the fun things about watching live programming is seeing actors break character in response to something that happens during the performance. And an absolutely delightful example of this came during the latest episode of “SNL” when host Adele kept corpsing at cast member Kate McKinnon’s jokes during a very weird late-hour sketch.

The sketch, which appears to be a parody of the pop culture convention of white women who go on international journeys of sexual discovery after heartbreaks — like “Eat, Pray, Love” or the 2019 romantic comedy “Holiday in the Wild” — featured McKinnon and Adele as recently divorced women in a purported Africa tourism commercial. But as the sketch went on, it was obvious the primary selling point of the tourism was the chance to hook up with extremely hot guys in Africa.

Basically, Adele and McKinnon would list off the attractions awaiting people who visit the second largest continent, such as the incredible music, beaches, or scenery. But occasionally, McKinnon would say “tribesmen,” often as extras would walk into the frame, indicating tourists were hooking up with the locals. McKinnon would put an extra breathy emphasis on the word “tribesman,” and that appears to be something Adele found hilarious because it consistently made her crack up.

For example:

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