All Creatures Great and Small: Season 2's happy ending

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All Creatures Great and Small season two has been airing on Channel 5 and the escapist series saw James (played by Nicholas Ralph) return to Darrowby. Following Helen’s breakup with Hugh Hulton (Matthew Lewis), James wanted to give Helen some space and took a slow pace with their relationship. But in the final episode of season two, Helen was delighted when James finally popped the question.

Will James and Helen’s wedding get cancelled in ACGAS?

The second instalment of All Creatures Great and Small left fans smiling as they saw James and Helen’s relationship grow.

James had admitted his feelings for Helen after she left Hugh at the altar, and she too felt the same way about the vet.

Eventually, they made their relationship public and Helen was able to start a civil friendship with her ex.

In the final episode, James’ boss Siegfried (Samuel West) suggested he propose to Helen before it was too late.

James was reluctant to jump in at first, as he wanted a home of his own before asking the question.

The newly engaged couple celebrated their news at the Drovers, but will their big day be called off?

The final episode addressed the prospect of war as Neville Chamberlain entered a number of peace talks.

Although the storyline did not overshadow Helen and James’ romance, the characters were clearly nervous about what was on the horizon.

The second season is set in 1938, the year before the Second World War started.

With this in mind, the prospect of war could put James and Helen’s wedding on hold, if not cancel it altogether.

Another Christmas special will be airing at the end of 2021, and it may go into further detail about the wedding.

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their fears, with Laura McDonald saying: “Christmas special prediction – James and Helen get married but James and Tristan enlist at the end of the episode.”

Debbie Blackman responded: “That’s my fear because war is near.” Michael chimed in with: “James joined the RAF…”

James mentioned he may visit his parents in Glasgow over Christmas, which will delay any wedding planning.

If the series is renewed for another season, the timeline will undoubtedly reach the start of the war.

If the conflict features heavily in an upcoming season, Helen and James may be forced apart once more.

James had decided now was as better a time as any, and the pair shared an emotional moment as they said they were not afraid of taking things to the next level.

James asked Helen’s father for his blessing after saving the Aldersons’ beloved horse Candy during her pregnancy.

Her dad gave James his late wife’s engagement ring to give to Helen, and he was happy to see his daughter with the man she truly loved.

James’ parents were also welcoming towards Helen, even though James said he would not be moving back to Glasgow.

The series is based on the life of the real Yorkshire vet, Alf Wight, whose pen name for his novels was James Herriot.

Helen Alderson was inspired by his real-life wife, Joan Catherine Anderson Danbury, whom he married in 1941.

If the series continues to follow the real events to the letter, James and Helen will not be getting married for another couple of years.

With this in mind, their wedding may not feature in a third season at all.

Their marriage could mark the end of the series as the couples’ story arc reaches a satisfying end.

Alf and Joan went on to have two children, Jim and Rosie, so there is a chance Helen and James will start a family before the series ends.

All Creatures Great and Small is available to watch on My5.

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