She literally takes flight on tonight’s all-new episode of the Fox competition series

Judge Nick Lachey is shown as being particularly impressed by Fern’s performance, and he’s flanked by fellow judges and Grimes in this fourth episode of the series.

Grimes previously praised the concept of “Alter Ego” for the fact that it makes “gender fluidity more casual,” saying, “I think [‘Alter Ego’] making it this purely artistic expression thing, it removed a lot of the politics that I think have been stifling this country a bit. It’s just people expressing, and it was actually really beautiful and profound in a lot of moments, watching people just play with gender, even if that is not something that they want to identify with all day in the real world.”

Check out Fern’s performance and more on tonight’s all-new episode.

“Alter Ego” airs Wednesdays on Fox at 9pm ET.

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