Ambulance viewers got emotional when paramedics Nick and Nick treated a patient to a McDonalds after finding out he was homeless.

The act of kindness marked the end of the episode, where the pair were called out to a Poundland in Barking after a man was assaulted.

It then transpired that 31-year-old Gavin was assaulted after being accused of trying to shoplift from the store, with the security guard injuring him as he tried to steal a packet of biscuits so he could eat.

The man then explained that he had depression and had made himself ‘voluntarily homeless’ after leaving his other half to avoid arguments in front of his two-year-old son, and had been living in an abandoned building.

Not seeing his son for six months, he hadn’t eaten in over a day, and was just hungry.

Nick and Nick then decided to help him out, and ran to a nearby McDonalds to get Gavin something to eat.

Gavin was seen weeping by the act of kindness, initially turning it down as he didn’t want to impose before accepting a Big Mac meal.

The trio then ate their meals together in the back of the ambulance, with one Nick saying he’ll take him to hospital in a bid to help him get the care he needs to get back to normal life.

Viewers were tremendously touched by the gesture, and praised Nick and Nick for their decency towards the struggling man.

The London Ambulance Service also got wind of Nick and Nick’s appearance on the show, and praised the pair for the moment.

They wrote: ‘Nick and Nick’s manner and compassion with patients… We’re so proud to have them in #TeamLAS’

‘If you’re concerned about someone sleeping rough – but it’s not an emergency situation – you can @Tell_StreetLink,’ they added.

‘They help connect people who are sleeping rough to local services who can support them. If it’s an emergency, call 999.’

Ambulance airs Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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