BACHELORETTE Katie Thurston’s frontrunner Greg Grippo “always wanted fame” and “tried for YEARS” to be casted on the show, a source exclusively told The Sun. 

The reality contestant has been under fire since it was revealed last month that despite his claiming to be in marketing for work, Greg, 28, is actually a trained actor. 

Ahead of his SECOND one-on-one date tonight with Katie, 30, a friend of Greg – whom has known him for “years” – exclusively told The Sun he’s been attempting to get on TV for a long time.

“His goal was always, always, always fame. He's been trying to get on The Bachelorette literally for years,” the source insisted.

The insider claimed he was first casted on Clare Crawley’s season in 2020 – which Bachelor blogger RealitySteve also reported – however, that fell through due to Covid.

He also attempted to get on Hannah Brown’s season back in 2019, the pal alleged. 

They explained: “He needed a shortcut to success because he is not a go-getter on his own. He's the biggest schemer of all.

“The way the world is believing this nice boy act is incredibly nauseating and sad for women. 

“So many of us that know Greg are equally shocked and appalled at how different he's coming off on the show. Beyond phony.”

The source continued: “First of all, he's not shy or awkward like he’s trying to come off as on TV. Quite the opposite. 

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“Greg gets everything handed to him, gets away with bad behavior, and leaves girls either heartbroken and questioning themselves, or both. 

“Then he discards them and starts fresh with a new girl with the same exact innocent boy act. He has zero sense of accountability. 

“He grew up with people telling him how 'hot and great’ he was. He knows it and he uses it.”

Greg did not immediately respond to The Sun’s request for comment. 

Last month, The Sun confirmed that Greg attended the prestigious William Esper Studio – a NYC acting school – from 2017-2019, which has not been mentioned at all on the show. 

According to his ABC bio and LinkedIn profile, he is a marketing sales representative for New York-based company, Mondo. 

However, The Sun reached out to Mondo – who was unable to verify if Greg is an employee nor the terms of his employment. 


An insider told The Sun that “Greg is an actor” – which has “always been his passion.” 

The source added: “He is absolutely lying about his career and intentions on the show. He’s always wanted to pursue an on-camera career. 

“Greg thought he could pull a fast one on the audience by just not acknowledging he’s a trained actor and pretending to be some marketing guy. 

“He deleted so much off his social media account and LinkedIn of any signs of acting and has told friends not to mention it if anyone asks about it. And he’s untagged himself from all of his classmates’ photos.

“His profiles don’t even mention going to William Esper, which is a really high honor in the acting world.”

Many fans have chosen Greg as Katie’s frontrunner this season due to getting the first impression rose and first one-on-one date. 

The handsome suitor has focused much on his family values while the cameras have been rolling and his dreams of “starting a family” but did not mention anything about acting. 

The Bachelorette airs Monday’s at 8pm ET on ABC.

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