BBC releases trailer for new series of 'Baptiste'

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The long-awaited final series of hit BBC One drama Baptiste will air on Sunday at 9pm. The series is produced by award-winning production company Two Brothers Pictures (The Missing, Fleabag, Liar), and is written by brothers Harry and Jack Williams. The cast recently spoke to, and readers are warned that episode four is “packed with grief” in what is considered the most ambitious and challenging series yet.

Fiona Shaw stars as British Ambassador Emma Chambers, whose family disappears whilst on holiday in the Hungarian mountains.

Julien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) immerses himself into Emma’s world, committed to finding her husband and two sons.

However, when the case turns into something far more brutal and desperate, Julien must navigate a Hungarian police force he doesn’t trust and unrelenting media who are hungry for information on such a high-profile international case.

Julien must remain rational in the face of chaos in order to find Emma’s family. Will he be able to solve his most complex case yet?

Speaking about the upcoming series, Fiona talked about the immense grief her character undergoes.

She said: “If you haven’t got near episode four yet, be warned.

“There’s plenty of grief to come but I think it was a tribute to this show’s writing that even though it’s grief, it’s not just the one thing – it’s something with many, many facets.

“And the way in which grief emerges in the characters – it has to move forward in time with grief, which most people actually just start with and can’t function with, but these people find a way of functioning.

“So I found it very hard to do – it was very tiring, but very rewarding because I was trying to be true to both forms.

“With Baptiste it is an ongoing issue – he’s got real sorrow because he’s failed.

“And she also discovers her own failures so it’s as much about failure as it is about grief.”

In the six-part series, Baptiste is not the man viewers knew before.

After enduring a horrific personal tragedy, he has pushed his wife Celia away and is looking for any distraction – whether that be the bottom of a bottle or a new case – to consume him.

Teasing his character’s change, Tchéky said: “The story they [Jack and Harry Williams] have written for the second series is so bold, it questions our society and our relationships with others with a strong and accurate sense of judgement.

“I was excited to be challenged this way and to carry this ambitious story on my shoulders.”

Talking about the way in which Baptiste has evolved over the years since he was first introduced on The Missing, Tchéky continued: “I know he was inspired by somebody.

“Maybe something we have in common is that I’m French. But he’s also really good, and private.

“But I was just following the writing I was trying to blend with it – I was letting myself go.

“I blended with the thing, I blended with the people, I tried to feed on everyone and be as open and ready as I could. I was really excited to play somebody bright like him.”

Baptiste airs tonight on BBC One at 9pm and all episodes are available on BBC iPlayer.

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