THE BBC has issued an apology to 'disgusted' viewers over their lack of St George's Day coverage after complaints flooded in to the broadcaster.

St George's Day takes place each year on April 23 and is celebrated as England's national day.

On Friday last week, the Beeb marked the day with a variety of programming on BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast and CBeebies, as well as a special St George's Day music programme on Radio 4.

But some viewers were unhappy with the lack of St George's Day content on programmes like BBC Breakfast and The One Show.

One wrote angrily: "@BBCNews hey did you forget us brits are celebrating St George's day today! Nothing on BBC, are you ashamed to be British????"

Another complained: "@BBCTheOneShow big deal made of st David’s day & st Patrick’s day. And no mention at all of St George’s day. Typical BBC. Disgusting!"

"I've been watching BBC Breakfast news from 6:00am until now at 7:24 and there has not yet been any mention of a happy St George's day! Why???," said one.

While a fourth told the breakfast show: "Just a quick memo to remind you today is St George's day.

"Its not racist to mention it and you won't get 000s of complaints if you do."

The broadcaster issued a statement to explain the lack of coverage was a result of the pandemic reducing the amount of event they would usually cover.

A spokesperson said: "Normally there would have been traditional parades and celebrations, however, with public gatherings prohibited, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year's celebrations will have been much more subdued and limited to people's homes, therefore resulting in fewer events to cover.

"Inevitably there may be disagreements about the level of prominence we give to stories. We're sorry you were disappointed on this occasion."

The Corporation was also recently forced to defend its ‘excessive’ coverage of Prince Philip’s death after receiving 110,000 complaints over wall-to-wall reports.

The BBC devoted almost four hours to the royal's funeral on April 17, led by broadcaster Huw Edwards, which was watched by an average of almost seven million people.

The BBC noted on its website that it had received complaints but said it does not make changes to its schedule without "careful consideration".

In its response, the broadcaster said: "The funeral of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was a significant event which generated a lot of interest both nationally and internationally.

"We acknowledge some viewers were unhappy with the level of coverage given, and impact this had on the billed BBC One schedule.

"We do not make such changes without careful consideration, and the decisions made reflect the role the BBC plays as the national broadcaster during moments of national significance.

"We are grateful for all feedback, and we always listen to the response from our audiences."

The BBC received 110,000 complaints about its coverage on the day of the duke's death, after it cleared its schedules and put mirrored coverage on BBC One, BBC Two and its News Channel.

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