Ben Shephard was left speechless as competition host Andi Peters held up a poster to mock his co-star's grey hair on Friday's episode of Good Morning Britain.

Andi had previously taken aim at the 46-year-old host the day prior – telling him he needed to use "Just For Ben".

This sparked outrage, with Ben later explaining on Thursday's show that fans had messaged in questioning if the competition presenter was a "nice" person after the brutal swipe.

Taking the joke a step further, Andi appeared on the breakfast programme on Friday holding up a board with Ben's face and the slogan he'd conjured up the day previously.

However, this time he brought This Morning host Phillip Schofield into the mix as the fake advertisement included an endorsement from The Cube star.

It read: "'I used to use it… then I stopped.' – Phillip Schofield."

Andi said: "I do feel a little bit bad that I did speak about the greys in your hair yesterday but you know me I have to turn everything into a money making scheme."

"Think it's already had an endorsement from Phillip Schofield."

Ben had no words or comebacks for Andi as he wafted the board around in the air during a live outdoor segment.

Although the presenter did not seem to see the funny side, at least one other person on Twitter did.

They wrote: "'Just for Ben' – 'I used to use it, then I stopped', Phillip Schofield LOL #gmb."

Later on, Andi returned to screens again requesting to come in from the rain and get warm in the studio and Ben decided to seek his own revenge.

Ben said: "Definitely stay outside, lock the doors, you’re not coming back in."

Turning to his co-star's he asked if they should open the doors up to the star who was now soaked from the rain.

He added: "It's unanimous, you're staying outside."

Lunging to Ben's defence, Kate warned: "Be nice about my hair and you can come back in."

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am.

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