BRITAIN's Got Talent fans were baffled when John Archer got his numbers WRONG during his semi-final performance last night and Ant and Dec failed to spot the "major error".

The comedian stunned the judges with a lottery ticket trick but didn't make it through to Sunday's final after asking the presenting duo on stage to take part in his act.

Though Simon Cowell and the panel loved his magic, viewers were quick to spot the error after the ticket flashed up on screen.

John brought Ant and Dec on stage to take part and asked Dec Donnelly to pick a number between one and 59.

He then predicted Dec's numbers and later revealed that it was the date that he'd bought the lotto ticket.

But when Dec held the slip up to the camera, eagle eyed fans claimed that the numbers were wrong as they took a closer look at the paper.

The ticket had 6 instead of 16 on it, and though it could have faded or been obscured by the lights on stage many fans called the error "awkward".

One said: "Er but he got the numbers wrong it was a 6 on his ticket not 16."

Another remarked: "While I really enjoyed John Archer on #BGT, I noticed something wrong with his lottery ticket.

"The euromillions draw doesn't take place on Sundays and the raffle stopped in November 2018. He is still getting my vote though!"

And one more explained: "@BGT Bit awks when John archer gets the numbers wrong #BGT"

John was one of the last acts to be shown auditioning for the show last week and left the nation in tears of laughter when he admitted that one of his biggest fears was to take to the BGT stage.

The Judges took an instant shine to lovable John, who invited David Walliams on stage to help with his audition, asking him to pick a random drink from a group of random cards.

While initially John's act appeared to go wrong as he predicted David would select orange juice when he chose cola, in fact it all went exactly to plan.

John revealed that the bottle of orange that was on stage at the start of his act had magically transformed into cola.

He started his career as a police officer in Cleveland Constabulary in the north-east of England for ten years, until 1996 when he was medically retired due to partial hearing loss, after which he began entertaining full time.

Over the years he has appeared on many TV magic shows, including Sky's Undercover Magic

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