HBO Max continues to build out its collection of smart cartoon shows, announcing today that it will exclusively stream the third season of Infinity Train on its platform this summer.

Infinity Train’s first season debuted on Cartoon Network in 2019, after an overwhelmingly positive response to the 2016 pilot by Regular Show writer and storyboard artist Owen Dennis. It began as a story about a young girl named Tulip exploring a train where successive cars contained unpredictable new worlds. But the second season–which was labeled Book 2–inventively jumped central characters as well as cars, following Tulip’s mirror image, Mirror Tulip or “MT,” after Tulip freed her in the first season.

Infinity Train’s third season, Book 3, will jump protagonists once more, adventuring after Grace and Simon–leaders of a chaotic group of kids from Book 2. Grace and Simon become separated from their group and link up with a girl named Hazel and her gorilla companion Tuba to explore new cars on the myriad and endless Infinity Train.

“I’m really excited for fans to see Book 3!” Infinity Train’s creator Dennis said via press release. “When we started working on Infinity Train, I couldn’t have imagined where it would take us, but thanks to our loyal and vocal fanbase, we get to continue on this amazing ride.”

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