CHERYL has stripped topless for her new music video and climbed into bed with a Liam Payne lookalike as she sings about her sex life.

The 35-year-old last night launched her latest single Let You, which fans are claiming is about her relationship between the sheets with her On Direction star ex.

Cheryl is seen crossing her arms to cover her breasts as she smoulders into the camera for the racy shoot.

she sings: “'Cause you don't understand the chance that I took on you" before launching into the chorus.

But it's the next line that is thought to be a defiant message to her ex, when she says: "You only got with this because I let you."

She continues: "Let you put your hands on my body, every time. I gave you what you wanted, but when am I gonna get mine?"

She also cosies up to a sexy bloke with tattooed arms in the video as she talks about relationship mistakes.

His sleeve tattoo bears a striking resemblance to ex-Liam's inkings.

Cheryl and Liam – who share two-year-old son Bear – split in July 2018 after two years together.

Despite their break-up, the Fight For This Love hitmaker insisted there's no bad blood between them.

But fans are convinced she's used her latest single to talk about their relationship publicly.

It's is her first track since her 2018 comeback song Love Made Me Do It.

She divided fans after a very raunchy performance on X Factor that saw her lick her hand and roll around on the floor.

It was her first stage performance in four years.

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