The first clip from the Child’s Play reboot is here. The upcoming movie features Mark Hamill as the voice of iconic killer doll Chucky, and it’s set to hit theaters on June 21.

While the clip doesn’t reveal Chucky himself, we do hear Hamill in full swing as the evil plaything. In this new version of Child’s Play, Chucky is able to control household objects and here he torments his young owner Andy, who by this stage is clearly trying to stop the doll. Check it out above.

Child’s Play stars Gabriel Bateman (Light’s Out) as Andy and Aubrey Plaza (Legion) as his Mom, plus Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’s Brian Tyree Henry. It’s directed by Lars Klevberg, who has also helmed the upcoming horror movie Polaroid. The second trailer for Child’s Play was released in April, and you can also check out our ranking of every movie in the Child’s Play series.

In an interview with Nightmarish Conjurings, Klevberg talked about Chucky’s new abilities. “I think that every good horror movie connects to its generation,” he said. “Right now, we all trust devices like Alexa to control all the electronics in our homes and to help organize our life. But what if that device took on a human form and could walk around? Then it would be something completely different and our film is just taking that concept to another level.”

Confusingly for fans, there’s also an unconnected Child’s Play TV show being developed for SyFy, simply titled Chucky. It’s produced by series creator Don Mancini, and follows on from the 2017 movie The Cult of Chucky.

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