Chris Packham says he’s ‘disappointed’ with Carol’s forecast

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Chris, 60, has been the face of Springwatch for over 12 years and in that time, he has hosted the show from numerous locations. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the presenter oversaw proceedings during last year’s series in the New Forest with his stepdaughter, Megan McCubbin, 25. However, with lockdown restrictions easing this Spring to allow for more travel, the environmentalist and the BBC programme were able to relocate to a new destination.

Earlier this week, Chris and co-star Michaela Strachan, 55, were seen hosting the show together from a location in Norfolk.

This format change will continue over the next two weeks as the team of wildlife experts showcase wildlife at its finest.

The premise of the episodes which have already aired have taken note of the changes, with a statement reading: “Springwatch is back, broadcasting live from brand new locations across the UK.

“Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan are at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk as cameras capture the daily dramas of such birds like avocets and barn owls, lapwings and yellowhammers.”

Prior to the team moving, Chris spoke on the Gardeners’ World Magazine podcast and shared his enthusiasm for the format change.

The wildlife expert told listeners what to expect from the series by explaining: “We have plans like we had plans last year.

“But we’re keeping our plans as flexible as possible because obviously at the moment, there are certain indications restrictions could be lifted in April and May.

“Our programme doesn’t go out until the end of May and June but we are having to come up with three or four different ways to make the programme, as we did last year.

“We will, of course, adhere to the Government guidelines as and when they’re outlined to us. At the moment, it would suggest we will be able to leave the New Forest without becoming so ghastly super spreader.”

Keeping our plans as flexible as possible

Chris Packham

“And if that is the case then we will probably change locations away from the New Forest,” the presenter said with the plans being enacted due to the easing of restrictions just some months after the interview.

Discussing the idea of broadcasting locally, the presenter added: “We know we can do it, now. We did it throughout Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch.

“Hats off to the technical team, basically. I think there’s was the greatest triumph because trying to make a programme, a live programme from all of those locations using very small numbers of people was a real challenge.

“And it was a testament to their enormous skills and abilities that they managed to put the programme on-air and Springwatch, in particular, it was a jot to be at home.”

“Being able to show people my local patch. The badgers I feed every day and all of those sorts of things so that was great.

“The benefit is we have an incredible network of camera people across the UK. So we can represent Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland.

“People can go out wherever they want to locally and get some great stuff for us. We’ve just got to pull it all together.

“And that’s the technical aspect of this of putting it all together and then putting it out and we’ve got some brilliant people working on our team.”

Taking to Twitter, those watching Springwatch presented from Norfolk this week shared their delight of the show being back on-screen.

One posted: “I love the Chris and Michaela a double act. Very entertaining. Easy to watch and listen to. Thank you, guys. #Springwatch.

A second added: “Lovely to see Michaela and Chris presenting together, they have such a rapport and she doesn’t take any of his nonsense! #Springwatch.”

“Lovely to see you and Chris on #Springwatch great programme always watch every year. Nature is so beautiful,” a fourth shared.

Springwatch airs weekdays at 8pm on BBC Two.

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