ABC hasn’t officially announced who their next Bachelor is yet, but like…we all know. Due to a combination of official reports, spoilers, and literal filming photos, it’s become extremely clear that Clayton Echard is ABC’s new leading man—and a lot of fans have questions. Mainly…why?

While Clayton seems like a nice enough person, Bachelor Nation went into Michelle’s season expecting to be wow’d by him. Mostly because Variety insiders reported that “during Young’s season, producers fell in love with Echard and he rose to the top of the network’s shortlist, after a slew of other men from Bachelor Nation had been considered.”

So yeah…expectations were pretty high and fans definitely thought they’d see Clayton’s personality shine. But so far…not so much! To the point where, as Us Weekly was the first to report, our dude’s name was trending this week due to the disappointment of it all. As one fan noted, “I’m seriously going to need to see a singular reason for choosing Clayton to be the next bachelor SOON.”

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