Max (played by Paddy Beaver) was recently sentenced to nine months in a secure training centre for inciting harm on Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) through Blake who had been watching Max’s extremist videos. David (Jack P Shepherd) had been the only one to stand by Max but things could soon take a turn for the worse for David, official Coronation Street spoiler reveal.

In upcoming scenes, David is made aware that Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) works at the STC and asks if he can find out how Max is coping after his sentencing.

During his first day at the centre, two boys targeted Max and claimed that terrorists don’t usually last very long.

An STC officer finds Max nursing facial injuries and alerts David of the attack, leaving him left helpless on how to help.

Unsure of what steps to take next, David takes himself to Victoria Gardens and nurses his wounds with alcohol.

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Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) later finds a drunk David alone and tries to give him some advice and help with Max, but David has other ideas and leans in for a kiss before she orders him to go home.

Feeling guilty about the events which have unfolded with Max, David pays a visit to Alya in Speed Daal and is shocked to see Shona walk in.

Shona Platt (Julia Goulding) assures David that from now on they face everything together after being away and leaving David to face everything with Max alone.

Elsewhere, Maria tells Gary Windass (MIckey North) about David’s attempt to kiss her, leaving Gary to storm into the Rovers to find David and Shona, revealing what had happened earlier in the day.

Shona is left mortified and hurries out of the Rovers, whilst David tells Gary he was drunk and deeply regrets it.

Ashamed of his actions, David returns home and finds Shona packing her bags before telling him she is leaving him.

Later, Daniel decides to do David and favour and check in on Max but becomes concerned when he sees his bruises.

Maria assures Shona that David’s drunken pass meant nothing, will it be enough to persuade Shona to give David another chance?

Will Shona leave David during his hardest time or need, or find it in her to forgive his silly mistake?

Daniel asks Alya if she’d consider going to visit Max, and at first, is taken aback by the request but soon decides to visit Max at the STC.

As the pair sit down for the first time since the attack, Max explains to her how his life was a mess due to his childhood and vulnerability when it came to Griff Reynolds (Michael Condron).

Maria tells Gary that Len Cameron (Mark Murphy) appears to have had a change of heart and has agreed to fund the refugee centre.

After a successful conversation with Alya, Max calls David and asks him if he will visit, despite expressing he didn’t want any visitations.

Alya reads out the victim impact statement she’s written for Blake’s sentencing hearing, with Yasmeen listening intently.

David thanks Alya for taking the time to visit Max before the family prepares to visit Max in the centre.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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