HOPE Stape attacks her cousin Joseph as Tyrone withdraws from the family after his split from Fiz next week in Coronation Street. 

The youngster – who is played by Isabella Flanagan in the ITV soap – has worried Fiz and Tyrone in the past with her violent behaviour. 

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Fiz reached the end of her tether when Hope began biting Ruby last year and decided to send her to a specialist school in Birmingham.

Next week, Hope’s violent tendencies will spring up again as she struggles to cope with Fiz and Tyrone’s split.

Emma will spot a pair of men’s jeans on Alina’s floor and assume they belong to Lucas, who she spotted Alina flirting with earlier in the day. 

But when Emma heads to the pub and blabs to Maria about Alina’s fling with Lucas, Maria grows suspicious. 

Maria marches over to the garage and tells Tyrone she knows he was round at Alina’s because Lucas was getting a haircut at the time he was supposedly in bed with Alina. 

Later in the week, Tyrone returns from a breakdown to find Fiz, Alina and Lucas having a fight on the street.

Fiz is gutted when she realises Tyrone has chosen Alina over her. 

Later, as Tyrone and Fiz argue, Hope listens in and grows deeply upset. 

When Tyrone sneaks into the house to get the last of his things later in the week, he bumps into Hope and is shocked to realise she’s run away from school.  

When Hope asks him if he loves his new girlfriend more than her, Tyrone accuses Fiz of turning her against him.

Chesney tries to cheer Fiz up by inviting Hope over to play with Joseph but she's horrified when she turns up to find that Hope has attacked Joseph.

Fiz asks Tyrone if he’ll speak to Hope, but he tells her she’s better at dealing with Hope than he is.

Has Tyrone given up on his family?

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