Coronation Street: Carla crashes into Paul

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Paul Foreman (played by Peter Ash) very generously offered to pay for the wedding of his twin sister Gemma (Dolly Rose-Campbell) to Chesney (Sam Aston) on Coronation Street. Unfortunately, almost as soon as he promised her the money, he was hit by an Underworld truck driven by Carla Barlow (Alison King) leaving him unable to work. As he awaits compensation for the accident, which he plans to use to cover the nuptials, he will be dealt a crushing blow.

Next week, Gemma confides in Paul the wedding venue is demanding full payment up front, or they will cancel everything.

Despite having no income at present, Paul is confident that everything will work out.

He has already been offered £15,000 by Peter (Chris Gascoyne) on Carla’s behalf.

However, when Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) hears him on the phone, she warns he may not get the money is expecting.

Things will go from bad to worse when Paul develops symptoms which suggest he has suffered more damage than first anticipated.

When Paul reveals there’s been no improvement in his hand, Dr Gaddas refers him to a neurologist. 

Having taken a call from Dee-Dee asking for a witness statement, Peter visits Paul and orders him to back off and stop using Carla’s mental health problems for his own financial gain. 

Paul assures him that’s not the case but Peter accuses him of faking his injuries. 

The neurologist tells Paul he’s sending him for further scans but the problems he’s experiencing are unlikely to have been caused by the accident. 

While this is shocking enough news for Paul to hear there is another bombshell to come.

Paul’s horrified as Dee-Dee confirms if that’s the case he won’t be entitled to compensation.

With the wedding debts for Gemma and Chesney hanging over him and no source of income will he be forced to take drastic action?

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Paul’s accident happened when Carla ploughed into him as he was sitting on a motorbike.

She was driving the Underworld van at the time and, unbeknownst to her, she had been drugged with LSD by evil Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce).

Although Paul was knocked off the bike, he managed to stand up and seemed in good health.

Now, with worrying symptoms, it seems Carla may have caused much more damage. 

There’s concerns on the cobbles for the factory boss as her loved ones fear she may be suffering psychosis. 

She may also be forced to spend time in prison for hitting Paul, if he decides to press charges. 

Coronation Street is on ITV on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm.

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