Coronation Street: Paul struggles to lift his wine glass

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Coronation Street bosses have divulged there will be some difficult scenes coming up in the ITV soap in the next few weeks. The first revolves around Carla Barlow (played by Alison King) who continues to be secretly drugged by Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) so he can get his hands on the factory. Elsewhere, Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) will be involved in a traumatic rape storyline with her flatmate Aaron (James Craven). Unfortunately for fans, the schedule isn’t going to be as straightforward as usual.

Is Coronation Street on tonight?

Coronation Street airs three nights a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm for an hour-long episode each time.

There has been concern though that the soap won’t be going ahead as it normally would due to the start of the FA Cup fifth proper round.

This starts tonight, Monday, February 27, and continues throughout the rest of the week.

Despite this, Coronation Street will be going ahead as normal tonight at 8pm.

The changes to the schedule will mostly be felt on Wednesday, March 1, for soap fans with Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders all cancelled.

This is to make way for the game between Manchester United and West Ham at Old Trafford, kicking off on ITV and BBC at 7.45pm.

For now, viewers can enjoy the knowledge there will Corrie drama to look forward to this evening.

Stephen’s plans to try and get Carla to step down from Underworld is going to escalate yet again in upcoming episodes.

Stephen has been drugging Carla with LSD to make her believe she is having a relapse of psychosis.

He is hoping to hold a vote of no confidence with the shareholders so he can step in but luckily for Carla, Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) tells her what he is planning.

Stephen then tries to embarrass her at a presentation by drugging her again but accidentally drinks it and has to go on stage himself.

Frustrated and angry, Stephen wants to take even more drastic action to get Carla out of his way.

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Meanwhile, Amy is going to be raped by her flatmate Aaron after he has a row with Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby).

A drunk Amy and Aaron kiss and go to the bedroom but she soon admits to feeling sick and rolls away from him.

But this doesn’t stop him as he continues to kiss her and makes the decision for her that they are going to have sex without her consent.

Actress Mulvaney has opened up about how this is going to affect Amy in the long-run.

She explained: “For us it was important that when we portray that night it’s clear that while Amy doesn’t say the words she definitely doesn’t consent.

“That meant that we had to highlight her usual behaviour in the run up to the episode so that she didn’t act uncharacteristically.

“The characters were getting closer before the event but even though they were friends that doesn’t mean it’s ok for him to do what he wants, this shouldn’t be a grey area.

“It won’t end here either, it will be interesting to see the character develop in a different way because this will stay with Amy for a long time.”

Coronation Street airs three nights a week on ITV.

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