Coronation Street fans turned their attention to the soap’s prop department on Wednesday evening, as something in the background of a Rita Sullivan scene left them confused.

Rita (Barbara Knox) was working in the Kabin when Sharon Bentley (Tracie Bennett), her former foster child, walked through the shop door, leaving her lost for words.

Despite the high emotions of the reunion scene, it was the CD selection over Rita’s shoulder that really got viewers talking.

A Shania Twain CD, dating back to the 90s, could be seen at the front of the rack, available for sale in the Weatherfield corner store.

Despite admiring Shania’s work, many fans couldn’t understand why a local shop would sell such outdated stock in 2021.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: "Rita quite rightly shocked that the Kabin is selling Shania Twain CDs like its 1998. #corrie #Corrie #coronationstreet #CoronationStreet."

"I wasn't really paying attention to Rita in this picture but the CD selection on offer in The Kabin. #Corrie," added a second.

"Tip my hat off to the props team," replied a third.

And a fourth weighed in: "They really need new CD's in the Kabin on #Corrie. Or just not bother selling them at all."

Sharon hasn't been seen in Weatherfield for the past 22 years – almost as long as the Shania CD has likely been sitting on the Kabin's shelf.

She left the cobbles in disgrace after she carelessly tried to put Rita's business up for sale without her permission.

Rita welcomed Sharon back with a drink in the Rover's Return, but Gemma Winter (Dolly Rose Campbell) and Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) have been left feeling a little suspicious about her intentions.

Several viewers were also concerned Sharon had an ulterior motive in her return, as she tried to charm Rita and earn her forgiveness.

One Twitter user speculated: "I don't like Sharon she seems very dodgy to me."

"Sharon's up to something but what is it?," wondered a second, and a third agreed: "Sharon definitely has a plan."

Why has Sharon returned to Weatherfield?

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