Coronation Street star Amanda Mealing has opened up about her secret family link to Ghana after she discovered she was adopted at the age of 30.

The now 54-year-old actress appeared on Wednesday’s instalment of the hit ITV morning show to discuss her open letter to the British government which has petitioned to improve the water crisis in the West Africa.

And as the mother-of-two shared the dangers of no access to clean water overseas, the soap star revealed her personal link to poverty-stricken country including her family ties to the Ashanti tribe back in late nineties.

The brunette beauty shared the shocking story on the show in which she learnt of her rich heritage when she attended a family wedding where a relative revealed she was actually adopted.

As she joined the morning show ahead of her governmental appointment later that day, Susanna Reid couldn’t help but quiz her on her family heritage.

She asked the actress: “What’s interesting, that many people may not know, that you discovered by accident it seems that you were adopted.

“This was through a conversation that you had with a relative at a wedding that actually your paternal, biological grandparents were from Ghana.”

Amanda confirmed: “They were from Ghana [and] they were from part of the Ashanti tribe.”

Shocked at her discovery, Richard Madeley questioned: “And you didn’t know this at all until this conversation?”

To which she answered: “No, it was through a cousin. You know what it’s like at weddings, everyone gets drunk and all the old stories come out.

“It's been a long-standing joke that I don’t look like anyone in my family.

“And that same old joke came out, he said, ‘Well that's because you’re adopted’ and it fell silent,” she explained.

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