Coronation Street’s Helen Flanagan has opened up about her young son struggling to consume all the right nutrients.

The Rosie Webster actress gave birth to son Charlie last year and is very open about her family life on her Instagram.

As well as sharing that Charlie’s eczema means she can only bath him three times a week, the actress has also been speaking about her son’s eating habits.

‘Charlie will just not eat I’m going to take him to a specialist this week’, Helen explained to her Instagram followers.

‘He eats nothing and I’m still feeding him like he’s six months. I’ve tried not feeding him with milk, so he’ll eat more but he just has no interest in food, and he just wants the boob.’

One thing that’s helping Helen is the fact her daughter went through a similar experience.

‘Matilda was exactly the same though when she was a baby and fine now so that eases me. If other mums have had this please message me. I’ll share the messages x’, she added.

Last year, fans praised Helen as she posted a picture of her breast feeding baby Charlie in public.

She captioned the image: ‘Love this picture of feeding my baby boy. Feeding your baby is the most natural thing and so precious’

Helen played the role of Rosie Webster in Coronation Street from 2000-2018.

She left the show to go on maternity leave.

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