When it comes to who Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) could kill next in Coronation Street, no one is safe.

Having murdered Leo (Joe Frost) last year, Stephen is a desperate and very dangerous man, willing to take someone’s life if they were to get too close to the truth about his character.

One person who still remains at the forefront of Stephen’s mind is Teddy (Grant Burgin).

Father to Leo, Teddy recently returned home from Canada after contact with his son was seemingly cut off.

Teddy was moments away from discovering Stephen had killed Leo but in true soap style, he was briefly silenced, and that came in the form of him being hit by a van.

While Teddy remains alive – for now – he certainly isn’t out of the woods, but could Stephen turn his attention to someone else in the coming weeks, maybe one of his own family members?

‘There are so many people that Stephen can kill!’, Jack P Shepherd told Inside Soap recently, pondering over what’s ahead for the character.

‘Could there be another canal situation?’.

He is, of course, referring to the scenes that saw evil Richard Hillman drive Gail (Helen Worth), David and Sarah (Tina O’Brien) into the canal.

‘He’s big time!’, Jack laughed. ‘If David rumbles him, I think it will be a long time yet. This story is going to run and run’.

Thanks to Corrie boss Iain MacLeod, we can confirm that the storyline is going to run for at least the next 12 months.

He teased: ‘The whole cast is worried! Whenever I call an actor in for a chat they say, “that’s it! Todd Boyce is going to do me in!”. I love Todd, someone once asked Alan Rickman if he liked playing villains and he very drily said, “I don’t play villains, darling, I just play very interesting people”.’

‘Todd sees Stephen as a very desperate man backed into a corner’, Iain added.

‘We know he did away with Leo, partly out of necessity, partly out of male pride when he called him an old man!’.

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