Coronation Street star Shelley King thinks her domestic violence plot saved lives after millions watched her character Yasmeen suffer at the hands of evil husband Geoff (Ian Bartholomew).

And it was so powerful it convinced many real-life victims to take action and escape their abusers.

Shelley said: “Geoff turned Yasmeen into a woman who didn’t have any confidence in herself and a lot of people recognised that path in their own lives and I believe it has saved lives.

“I have had letters from people to say the storyline enabled decisions and if they hadn’t changed their lives… there are some terrible stories.

“I’m really proud of it. It helped a lot of people to understand there was a way out and that they were not alone.” It has been months since the storyline reached its climax, with Geoff falling to his death. But fans are still contacting Shelley to say how much it helped them.

She said: “I get messages and letters all the time. I write back and advise them and tell them to get in touch with various organisations.” Shelley is amazed at the impact the storyline has had.

She added: “It’s extraordinary. I became an actor because I thought, through drama, consciences could be raised.

“That’s what all the great dramatists are about. They prick the consciences of people.

“With soap you hit so many people at the same time.”

It shows how powerful the soaps can be… especially with a star as talented as Shelley.

Yasmeen's abuse came to a dramatic end when Geoff plunged to his death after a dramatic showdown on the roof of their house.

The restaurant owner has tried hard to move on from her abuse, and has seen her grandson Zeedan return to the cobbles.

Little does she know, he is in a lot of trouble after being brutally attacked in the street.

Since leaving his wife Mehnmaz, he is now in trouble with her family, with her dad Hashim threatening to kill him – but will he follow him to the cobbles?

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