DICTIONARY Corner's Susie Dent could not hide her disgust as Chris Packham forced her to smell animal POO during an episode of Countdown.

The wordsmith was more than a little surprised at the wildlife presenter's unusual request as he appeared on the Channel 4 quiz show.

Susie, 56, was joined by Chris, 59, as contestants Dave and Thomas battled it out with the usual conundrums and number games.

But things took a bit of a weird turn when Chris started talking about the toilet habits of both humans and animals.

He explained: "Humans, one thing we find repugnant is a group of chemicals called thiols which are very typically produced in food.

"And if we’ve been eating very sulphurous foods for instance, then they can make our faeces smell pretty rank."

As the show's host Nick Hewer and Susie looked on nervously, the Springwatch presenter then reached under his desk to reveal a white container.

He explained: "I thought I’d bring along some fresh stuff – if Susie can catch a little whiff of this…"

Chris passed the container on to the lexicologist, but not before taking off the lid and grimacing at the pungent smell.

In almost disbelief, Susie said: "You actually want me to smell it?"

As Chris warned: "Don’t go too hard on that one."

Showing she was game, she tentatively moved her nose closer to the tub before exclaiming: "Urgh!" and returning it to Chris, who asked: "See if you can guess what that is."

Susie apprehensively lifted the container to her nose before turning away in disgust: “Urgh!”

Helping her along Chris hinted: "Okay, it’s no longer present in the UK, you find them across Europe and in northern parts of America.

"Although having said that there are other species of it in other parts of the world.

"Sometimes they’re grizzly, sometimes they’re black, sometimes they’re brown."

Leading Susie to guess that it was fresh bear poo.

Chris went on to explain that the strong smell was probably due to the bear being a meat eater.

It was then back to business, as viewers saw Thomas win the show, beating the previous reigning champion Dave by 81-68.

Countdown airs weekdays, 2.10pm, Channel 4.

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