Love Island viewers were left cringing into their sofas tonight as the "jealous" girls heckled Danny and Maura during their date tonight.

The 21-year-old model from Hull was picked for a date this evening with the Irish ring girl.

When Danny said that he liked Irish accents, Molly-Mae shouted out that Yewande was "Irish too" and that he "really likes her".

Later as the pair joked about her not grafting, the girls on the terrace started cackling loudly. 

"That's the girls, very childish," Danny said, unimpressed.

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She asked: "Why are they being b****es? Because I hate b****es."

And viewers were left seriously cringing.

One tweeted: "Absolutely cringing for the girls watching the dates – don't get me wrong I love the drama but they are embarassing themselve #loveisland."

While another commented: "Actually cringing at the girls, how old are they? Reminding me of being in school again."

A third remarked: "Cringing so much at the girls sat on the balcony laughing and shouting stuff at the new girls how old are ya #loveisland."

Danny, who was on dates with both of the girls earlier, asks Yewande later: "The laughing thing, what was that about?"

“We were just laughing," Yewande says.

But he doesn't find it very funny and suggests that they could have given the girls a friendlier welcome.

“They could have been really nice and really lovely," he says.

"I’m sure they are lovely," Yewande replies. "They came in really confident and they set the atmosphere for themselves.

"Everything after that was just a reaction of what happened. Every action has a reaction. It’s just the laws of physics."

In the Beach Hut later, Danny says: "I saw Yewande participate in something I wasn’t keen on."

Has Danny already lost interest in Yewande and set his eyes on one of the new girls?

*Love Island airs tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2

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