Denise Van Outen and Johnny Vaughan have finally shook hands and moved forward after decades of being a loggerheads with one another.

The 46-year-old explained that these times of uncertainly surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic have shown her that arguments are "just not worth it".

Due to their close-knit bond Johnny and Denise became household favourites while presenting together on the Big Breakfast during 1997 to 1998 and again from 2000 till 2001.

With their friendship back on course, the duo wouldn't rule out working together in the future, with Denise even adding that it "would be nice" to team up with her old colleague again.

Speaking to The Mirror about drawing a line in the sand, The West End star said: "Johnny and I have had a bit of a rocky relationship over the years for various reasons and, funnily enough, we've messaged a lot in lockdown.

"These situations make you reflect and realise some of the silly niggles and arguments you have are just not worth it."

Although the initial bust-up took place during their years spent on the Channel 4 programme, both Johnny and Denise had patched things up and joined forces before now.

They co-hosted BBC gameshow Passport to Paradise and the Capital Radio breakfast show back in 2008.

But, it was clear that it wasn't meant to be and Denise walked out on the radio show half-way through her contract, with understudy Lisa Snowdon stepping in to take over her post.

Back in 2017, Denise joined the panel on Loose Women discussing the reasons behind their fallout.

At the time, she revealed: "I had a big fall out with Johnny Vaughan, who I did Big Breakfast with and at that time we were like brother and sister.

"We were best friends, unbreakable. The whole relationship fell apart when we started to renegotiate our contracts because I always felt we worked together as a team and that's how it should be."

The Masked Singer contestant detailed that Johnny had been operating his own negotiations without her and so she confronted him about it and the situation erupted.

Denise did also confess on the ITV show that she had seen him since and tended to forget about everything in the past "because he made her laugh so much."

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