Doctor Who: First look at John Bishop as Dan Lewis

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Doctor Who returns to BBC One on October 31 and season 13 marks Jodie Whittaker’s final outing as the Doctor. The sci-fi hit will welcome back Mandip Gill as companion Yasmin Khan and John Bishop as Dan Lewis. One of the most popular companions of all time was Sarah-Jane Smith (played by Elisabeth Sladen), but what happened to her?

What happened to Doctor Who companion Sarah-Jane Smith?

Doctor Who is making a comeback with the subtitle Flux on Halloween night and the series is the last to be written and produced by Chris Chibnall.

The series also marks the third and final outing for Jodie Whittaker as the most recent reincarnation of the Doctor.

Season 13 is made up of six episodes telling a single story about the Time Lord and their companions.

One of the most highly-ranked companions was Sarah-Jane Smith, who was one of the Doctor’s longest-serving assistants.

The investigative journalist appeared alongside the third and fourth incarnations of the Doctor.

She featured on the famous sci-fi show between 1973 and 1976, starring alongside the renowned robotic pet K9.

Her first appearance was in the episode titled The Time Warrior, with Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor.

She was later affiliated with Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and made a comeback alongside David Tennant and Matt Smith.

Her last appearance was in The Man Who Never Was – the final story of The Sarah-Jane Adventures in 2011.

Actress Sladen sadly died in April 2011, aged 65, following a battle with cancer.

Just before she died, she had shown an interest in being involved in the Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Big Finish series.

The star was diagnosed with cancer in February 2011 and died two months later.

The show paid tribute to the actress as the first episode of season six aired the Saturday after her death.

The episode opened with a title card dedicating the episode to the actress in her memory.

A special programme titled My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen also honoured the star.

The Doctor’s next companion, Clara (Jenna Coleman), was believed to have been named in honour of the actress.

Her middle name was Clara and fans took this to be a heartfelt nod to the popular TV star.

In April 2020, she was recognised in the final episode of The Sarah-Jane Adventures.

The actress had been married to actor and TV personality Brian Miller, and she had a daughter called Sadie.

Following her exit from Doctor Who, she focussed mainly on theatre roles.

She appeared in Mooney and his Caravans alongside her husband, as well as the ITV drama Send in the Girls.

One of her final TV appearances was as a guest panellist on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff in 2010.

In the same year, she narrated the audiobook Doctor Who at the BBC: A Legend Reborn.

Her Doctor Who character is still ranked as the most popular companion to date.

Doctor Who season 13 airs on BBC One on October 31.

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