CRAIG Tinker is shot by Scott in a horror robbery next week in Coronation Street as he tries to save the day. 

But is the policeman going to die? Here’s the lowdown…

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Why is Craig shot in Coronation Street?

Corrie viewers know that Scott has been planning to scam Ray and his mates for weeks in the ITV soap. 

And next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Scott put the wheels of his evil plan in motion as Ray organises entertainment for some investors in the Bistro and asks Faye to act as hostess.

Later, Ray has a poker game in full swing when a masked Scott bursts into the Bistro and, pointing his gun at Faye, orders everyone to do as he says. 

Craig hears the call and, despite knowing he should get back-up from his colleagues, rushes into the Bistro to help Faye.

As Scott grabs Ray's cash and tries to head for the exit, Craig springs into action and attacks Scott with a chair.

But disaster strikes when the gun goes off and he slumps to the floor as Scott runs away.

With Craig's life hanging by a thread, will he survive?

Is Craig going to die in Coronation Street?

Emmerdale are keeping shtum about Craig’s fate, and viewers will have to tune out to see whether his injuries from the robbery are fatal. 

However, there’s no word yet of actor Colson Smith – who plays Craig in the soap – leaving the cobbles any time soon.

So fans can keep hoping that Craig will make a swift recovery following the shooting.

Does Scott meet his downfall in Corrie?

When Johnny comes clean to Jenny about Scott being responsible for the robbery later in the week, she’s disgusted and orders Johnny to report him to the police. 

But disaster strikes when Scott bursts into the Bistro and discovers where Johnny is heading. 

Pointing his gun at Jenny, he orders Johnny to return home or he’ll shoot his wife. 

So no, it seems that Scott is going to escape justice for the robbery and shooting.

But anything can happen in soapland, and fans will have to tune in to find out whether there might be a plot twist in store. 

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